Has anyone had a mouth biopsy and after the stitches have dissolved are left with large blisters in your mouth?

I had a mouth biopsy done on 19th Dec due to lots of mouth ulcers. I have been checked for histology and auto immune diseases associated with the mouth. The final stitch fell out a few days ago and I now have a blister half centimetre big in my mouth and another large raised white patch next to it. Neither are sore. I'm not sure whether to seek medical help or just leave it alone. Anyone else had this?

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  • Hi. I would get it checked out just to be on the safe side in case of infection. I have had lupus for 8 years and when I have had teeth out and stitches it took 6 months to heal. See what dr says. Good luck.

  • I have had a biopsy done in my mouth too and yes it scar'd because the stitches came out, and for me it was diagnosed as Oral Lichen Planus!! another auto immune problem, (I have SLE, discord Lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome). If in doubt GO TO DENTIST they will be able to help you. Good luck I hope they can sort things out for you soon. xx

  • Hi - I also have been diagnosed with oral lichen planus I would be interested to know what symptoms you get,as I do not know anyone who has this. I just seen to suffer from sore gums for which I take soluble Betnosel which you hold in your mouth for 5 mins. This certainly helps with the soreness. But strangely I also have discoloration of my gums and inside my mouth which seems to be spreading - do you have this?

  • Umm Yes Prescilla all of the above and soar gum's, tongue, all of my mouth, inside of my lip's and teeth braking so often the dentist receptionist knew my voice!!! lol Ulcers have been so bad even water was painful to drink, and even now as things have setted at the moment (touch wood) I can't have a good spicy meal without serious pain in my mouth when I eat. I use a fluoride tooth paste from the dentist that helps my gum's, and a steroid mouth wash when the rest flairs up!! I hope that put's your mind to rest a bit and that your not on your own. xx

  • Hi - I have had 3 mouth biopsies over the last 5 years, the first 2 were pretty straight forward. The last one needed cauterizing and it wouldn't stop bleeding so that did leave me with a large blisters which cleared up after a couple of weeks. I would maybe just ring up and ask your surgery for some advice. Best wishes.

  • I had something similar when I had a biopsy, my advice would be go see the Dr that sent you for the biopsy, for me it was my Dentist, I had reacted to the stitches themselves. Good luck xx

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