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has anyone ever had a positive ana test and had an xray done to find they have scolisois


i am 25 years old always had good health until about a year and a 1/2 ago when i started getting severe back pains.... was told it was spams but didnt go away... then i had 2 incidents where i became short of breathe and passed out doing light excerising ( playing iwth my kids in my yard.) at first run of test came back normal then the 2nd test show positive ana and so did the 3rd run.... then my dr. sent me to a specialist who did xrays and more blood work but haven't heard anything back other then my xray show scolisois.... now when i call to check on my blood work they tell me to wait and see my dr..... ( the appointment is still 3 weeks out) and im still in a great amount of pain and now really worried about my health.... does anyone have adivce or been where i am at before.

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Hi, I am 66 this year and for about 10 years I was telling my doctor about back pains (Local not rheumy) and they sent me for physio and gave me pain medication. Then I was refered to the Pain clinic and was given 6 monthly injections in my spine that helped a lot. Then I was on holiday in New Zealand visiting my daughter when I got this pain in my back I can not describe - it took my breath. Nightmare journey home. I had a Rheumy app. the next week and told him what had happened and that I got pain down my legs. He did a 'pin' test and arranged for an MRI scan. My spine looked like a roller coaster. and my sciatic nerves were trapped. I was then refered to the spine consultant at the hospital and went on from there.

suggest you ask for a MRI and CT scan to make sure what it is. Good Luck, don't let them fob you off - You know your body and WE are paying their Wages! xx


I have lupus and sjorgrens and osteoporosis and recently had an xray which showed scoliosis of the right side...not sure its linked to Lupus but am not a medical person think it may mean curvature of the spine, hope this helps

wishing you well

Hi a couple of years ago i had severe back pain and bouts of shortness of breath, my GP fobbed me off for months, although xrays showed curvature of the spine. i like you was shocked at this but GP says it was mild curvature so wouldnt cause breathlessness. Long story short i was eventually diagnosed with lupus, i was ANA, APS positive and protein S deficient (which can weaken bones). Turns out the back pain was my lungs as lupus was attacking them. Dont mean to scare you but just shows Docs can over look major symptoms! Hope you find answers soon.

I do believe there to be some sort of link with lupus and scoliosis. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14 and whilst having my operation, doctors discovered I had lupus and APS. I've heard of so many stories about lupus sufferers having scoliosis. I would ensure that doctors really keep an eye on you, as things will be up and down for a long time until they can control the symptoms with medication (if required). The illness has worsened for me in the years gone by, developing into CNS and epilepsy along with the rest of it. You know your body, and trust your instincts. It was my mum who pushed for the tests for lupus when I was a teen, as the doctors fobbed me off for a long time. I really hope you get to the bottom of it all soon. All the best!

thank you for the information i will be sure to push them to get to the bottom of all this and not bellow off my symptoms and my pain and results.... i will let you know what happens next.... thank you

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