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Has anyone had a flare following the FluAD vaccine?


Hi everyone, I've just rejoined the forum after many years' absence, primarily to find out people's experiences after receiving the adjuvanted trivalent flu vaccine (FluAD) given to over 65s. I don't normally have any adverse reaction to vaccines but I have started to have a recurrence of symptoms (I have mild SLE/secondary Sjogren's) since receiving the shot at the end of September. I have been drug-free for several years now apart from the odd course of NSAIDs and don't want to have to take anything stronger!!! Many thanks for any thoughts or experiences you may be able to share :)

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Hi. Yes I have had a 6 week flare. Started 5 days after jab. Rheumatologist said it can trigger it. There was another query about this on here a couple of weeks ago with others saying they have had a flare. Hope u will soon feel better x

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Thanks Flueby - I didn't want to make a fuss about it if there was no other evidence! I'll have a word with my GP & may ask if I can have the quadrivalent jab next year. I don't see the rheumatologist as I've been almost symptom-free for a few years so didn't have any advice from that quarter..,

Always have bad reaction to flu jabs. Told this is impossible(o k) i must be imagining the coincidence xx

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Hi Shorthouse - thanks for replying. I don't normally have reactions to flu jabs but because I'm over 65 I was given the adjuvante vaccine this year (which gives a big kick to your immune system)!

It’s not impossible, it makes perfect sense. The flu shot is intended to tax your immune system by flaring. The whole way it works is by tricking your body into thinking you have the flu so your body will develop antibodies to that strain like you would if you picked up the flu naturally. Someone with an overactive immune system such as with Lupus is naturally going to react strongly if the body responds appropriately. What they don’t usually tell you is that it takes 6 weeks for the immunity to be effective, so lots of people think they’re good right after the shot and then get sick within that 6 weeks because their immune system is damaged and they’re not being careful with hand washing. It is also only effective against 3-4 of thousands of possible flu strains and mutations, so the effective rate is actually very low when you crunch the real numbers. It’s just not worth putting those other toxins it has into my already damaged body for a maybe 10% chance it might work. Build your immune system with zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin a, probiotics, oregano essential oil and wash your hands well religiously. Hand washing is the #1 way to prevent the spread of infectious disease. I learned all of this by being a nurse in a clinic, reading the information and being my own healthcare advocate. The information is available for anyone willing to do some research! :)

Any vaccine is going to flare the immune system. That’s how it works. They contain so much junk that especially in a person with an autoimmune disease it can cause major problems. My grandma in her 70’s got a severe flu virus (same one as she was vaccinated against) and while sick got Guillan Barre and was completely paralyzed for over a month, it very slowly came back over a years time, and took a few years til she didn’t have to walk with a walker or cane. It was extremely traumatic. Neurologist said it was from the flu vaccine. It’s a known side effect. She is in her 80’s now and hasn’t had a flu shot since. It damaged her immune system so much for years she’s had to do infusions twice a month for a week to help her immune system function. I never take the flu shot either because my body doesn’t need more problems. There is a ton of information on the internet from the medical community about the dangers of flu shots. I hope for your sake your flare calms down soon. Take some kind of curcumin concoction with turmeric! It’s easy to make and great for inflammation.

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Thanks your post is v interesting. I was given the same advice unusually from my GP so have decided not to have my flu vaccination this year!!

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That is unusual, but how great your GP’s eyes are open to the truth about the dangers! Many of them just go with what they’re told by the manufacturers and their peers. Even the insert inside the box which very unfortunately no one reads says they should only be given to healthy individuals. Someone with an autoimmune disease is not “healthy”. It doesn’t just mean if you have a cold at the time.

Quite often the job is delegated to a junior member of staff at the practice. This is true at least at my gp practice. Its the nurse that calls you in for bp checks. She even took bp readings with your arm uphill as her flat surface was too high for the chair.

What hope is there that she would have enough knowledge to do any more than just parrot what she had been told.

But its an extra income stream for cash strapped surgeries. They get something like £7.50 for each jab. So if they have a long patient list it can be quite an incentive to vaccinate as many as possible.

Unfortunately you are correct. It’s a sad reality.

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