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teeth and gums

evening fellow luppies,

firstly I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas!

my question is my teeth, I have been having a dry mouth (and eyes) for about the last 2 years or so, my teeth were strong and white but now seem to be a lightish grey? like the edges of each tooth are almost see through?? I do have bleeding gums,had this since I was 16 so that's normal for me. is it my dry mouth causing this please?

what can I do to help keep my teeth strong and ok looking please?

take care everyone and a Christmas hug to you all x

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It could be sjogrens, I have it and causes dry mouth, eyes and nasal passages leading to sinusitis. It can also affect your organs. I'd ask your doctor to test you for it as it often goes hand in hand with lupus, but not always. My dentist knows I have this condition and I am prescribed a high fluoride toothpaste to help keep my teeth strong. I have had a fair amount of dental problems and she helps me as best she can. I also have to use eyes drops and fake saliva. I hope you find the answer soon :)


thankyou moontreegoddess, what kind of test is it for sjogrens please? a blood test?


I just had a whole batch of blood tests done when I was first diagnosed with lupus and they told me I had sjogrens too but it's secondary to lupus. I believe there is a test they can do on your eyes I think it's called a litmus test or something to see how dry they are :)


sjogrens good answer :)


Hi, Merry Christmas, I've just been to the dentist.... again. my teeth are crumbling. I am waiting for Sjgorens test. My dentist has told me to chew calcium tablets to help my teeth, so that is what I've started doing now. I have been prescribed them in the past due to my bones thinning but lapsed in taking them :( I will take them every day now


Do you have sjgorens? Sounds like that with dry mouth & eyes. I've had terrible trouble with my teeth & gums since my lupus diagnosis a year ago. My gums bleed & have receded badly. My dentist days it's dental bone loss & the bleeding is due to inflammation of the gums. A year ago my gums & teeth were healthy now I worry that I may lose them & I'm only 38. I haven't had the same problems as you've described but hope this post may help a little. Merry christmas to you too. X


With the dry mouth it could be medication or Sjögren's syndrome good luck merry Xmas


thankyou everyone for answering my question, I have taken notes and will take them with me when I see my gp.

a magical Christmas to you all xx


Hi Cc

Sounds definately like Sjorgens. You need to speak to your rheumy about it. as far as i know there is no specific blood test for this. it is usually secondary to lupus. I have Sjorgens and have special high fluoride toothpaste, mouth spray, tablets that dissolve in my mouth -yuck - eye drops and eye cream. I find sugar free sweets and gum help slightly - but i am constantly thirsty and dry and because of this my gums do be sore and teeth more sensitive. u may find that your eyes are more sensitive to light too. Speak to your rheumy they will be able to help plus it would be worth seeing your dentist to get some high dose fluoride toothpaste it does help. Hope i helped a bit.

Best wishes and lupie hugs

esky xx


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