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Life Insurance cover!


Just wanted to see if anyone could help.

My boyfriend and I have just bought a house together and we also applied for Life Insurance, I've got a letter saying my application has been declined as I have Systemic Lupus.

I've been diagnosed with Lupus in 2006 and have been in remission since 2009 so I just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on Insurance providers that cover people with SLE.



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Hi Yasmine,

Some people with lupus do sometimes have difficulty getting life insurance. Here are the details of a broker who has been able to help some of our members get life insurance in the past. I hope that he's able to help you too;

David Rackham, 01329 282882 or email


Hi there.

Paul has given you excellent advice. By going to a financial adviser he will be able to shop around to hopefully source a company that can offer you cover.

However I'm not sure that a letter just saying you are declined because you have SLE is satisfactory on the part of the insurer either. You are entitled to write and ask them for a more detailed explanation as to why they cannot cover you. They may write to your GP, for your GP to explain to you on their behalf, if it is complex information.

I have an insurance underwriting background and for someone with SLE there are many factors that need to be taken into account when assessing for life insurance. Who ever made the decision on your application should fully explain their decision making process to you. This may help you and your adviser understand, and in turn, secure cover with another provider.

Good luck with obtaining cover.


Hi Jasmine my wife & I had the same problem getting life insurance we did however get insurance but only to cover 25% of our morgage for my wife, we also had sickness cover but unfortunatly you had to be off of work for 3 months or more before they would consider a pay out & won't pay out for a pre-existing illness so was not worth having as in there eyes any illness my wife had came down to her lupus (in their eyes). She became ill over a short period of time & was unable to work & as our insurance that we thought would pay & didn't we lost our house, so make sure you are not paying for a policy that won't pay out if you do become ill & will only pay a reduced amount if your ill due to an accident as happend with us !!!


Hi jas, i had lupus when me and my husband got out house we are with hsbc, we had problems with the others and this was because under their critical illness cover, or when someone contracts a long term illness where the policy pays out lupus is one of them lupus sle, but with hsbc its not one of the illness so they accepted me for cover x hope this has helped x


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