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Anyone have Psoriasis ?

I think I am having a flare of psoriasis on my scalp. Several years ago I was having issues with what I thought was bad dandruff and my doctor at the time prescribed a liquid which I think was a steroid concoction. I had it in the cabinet for years and would use occasionally on back of head if I thought I had dandruff but now gone. The last couple of weeks I was thinking I had dandruff because weather is very dry here but on closer inspection of my scalp this morning, it is on left side of head above ear, seems to be more than a case of dandruff. The node behind my ear is swollen too. So maybe psoriasis?? Anyone have any suggestions for treatment. Here, in sunny Saskatchewan, Canada, it is -29 Celsius and windy, I don't want to go outside to go to doctor if one of you can advise me. I await your great knowledge.

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Hi my scalp is really bad dr told me was psoriasis but my lupus prof said it was my lupus discoid rash. It awful so itchy I use t gel shampoo once a week also use a mild shampoo.

Dr also gave me betnovate to apply to scalp

Hope you get it sorted



Hi I do. I was given a shampoo great and ointment to be used on diff days from a dermatologist.


Hi yes I have for many years covered with it as a child diagnosed with cutaneous lupus in 2000. Psoriasis has dry white scales on lupus lesions do not I have found Dovobet ointment helps (calcipotriol betamethasome dipropionate 0.05 %) apply once daily to be a great help - for my skin Dead Sea salt baths use with exfoliating gloves to remove scales rub the ointment in to psoriasis this gives me comfort for the itching (bathe once twice a week). T-Gel shampoo is the only one I have found to help the scalp you may be able to obtain dovobet in a cream or liquid form for the scalp Hope things improve for you soon good luck.


Hi there I'm new to this site and see the doc this afternoon to discuss lupus suspicion. I have had trouble with psoriasis pretty much since being a teenager on my head and am currently dealing with it at the moment on my head and elbows which are extremely painful and also have circular patches dotted about on arms and legs. This flare started a couple of months ago and shows no sign of waving goodbye yet :(

I have fibromyalgia syndrome and hypermobility syndrome and its difficult at times to work out what is part of which syndrome :o

I have capasol shampoo and Dovinex cream for mine and also fucidin cream as I also suffer with folliculitis.

Like you behind my ear was very swollen and sore and I actually thought it was the lymph nodes playing up again so was quite shocked when the GP told me it was the psoriasis and also on my elbows ;)

Can you try to arrange a telephone consult with your GP to discuss it first? I know here in the UK a lot of practices can arrange them, I don't know about yourself in Canada :o

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Hi mine gets very itchy too. I was given Betacap which I use a lot just now as its going through a bad spell. I used to have eczema which affected my scalp but this doesn't seem to produce dandruff and is worse in the night. GP said it was very red

with small sores but didn't say more. I have facial hives too. She gave me Capasal and before that Alphosyl and these do help as its normally quiet for a few days after washing. Behind my right ear is terribly dry, sore and very itchy too.


Hi i do to i was told by my GP its to do with the lupus so i use T Gel shampoo twice a week and a very mild shampoo and its really helped, some of the shampoos on sale are to perfumed and can cause your head to become very itchy.

Good luck T Gel worth ago.


Hi, I had awful bad rash on my scalp and my dermatologist gave me nizoral shampoo on scalp and to wash face with it and told me to use it once a week even when I showed no symptoms. It has really cleared up my scalp.

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Even though I tested positive on the DSDNA test for lupus, the doctor says that the scaly patches on my head is psoriasis. The dermatologist gave me a shampoo for psoriasis to use 3 times per week (Ciclopirox) and a topical (Taclonex) to also use. It hasn't cleared my scalp completely but it seems to have calmed it down a little.

I'm confused. Is it lupus that's causing the scaly patches on my head or is it just psoriasis?


Hi, I have psoriatic arthritis and lupus. At its worst, the psoriasis covered all of me. For my scalp, I'm using Capasal shampoo and Betacap steroid. For the rest of my body, I started Stelara/Ustekinumab at the beginning of this year, and that has been miraculous.


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