Anyone have trouble breathing deeply?

Trouble breathing last night, all night up and waking up snorting like I had sleep apnea. Never had this problem before or snoring going on my entire life. Is this symptomatic of lupus? Awful..there is a sleep center near me, should I go and get tested. I was still having trouble breathing in morning. This happens here and fact, I thought it was gone since it's been awhile since I had trouble.

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  • Hi Natura, i have the same complaint as you snoring it blites my marriage, we live in a one bedroom bungalow my husband has to take sleeping tablets to get a good nights sleep, i suffer from sle and had a heart attack a few months ago the surgeon told me it was caused through blood clotting this is what lupus does,anyway after i came out of hospital the snoring got worse,my doc gave me a nasel spray which does nothing and told me the medication i take might be causing the snoring just a waste of time, i also get breathing problems and have sprays to help but they dont do much, so i would go to the sleep centre and get tested,let us know how you go on ok,

  • ozzie...did your dr say that the clotting causes the snoring? I take a natto k enzyme that prevents sticky blood. I can take up to 6 a day according to producer of product. I think I had a stroke months ago before I discovered this product. My dr looked at my eyes and asked if I had a stroke recently. I had migraines on the right side of my head for 3-4 days. When I found this natto k (discovered by a Japanese scientist to prevent sticky blood), I started taking every 6 hrs to keep my blood unsticky. So far, I have not had an incident. I may have been flaring last night and needed to take natto k more often. I am doing my own research on myself and probably shouldn't be, but don't want to go on blood thinner. I am seeing a rheumy in another month to see if I test positive for clotting factor. I don't know if I have the courage or money to try this sleep center. You actually have to sleep in a room at this center overnite. I think it costs around $400. My husband also has sleep apnea. He is taking a sinus spray. A friend went to sleep center and they said he stopped breathing a lot during the night. They sent him home with an oxygen set up to sleep with. It sounds expensive, and not sure if ins co. covers. Why are so many people having this problem though I wonder? Afraid to go to sleep tonite. Good thing is I wake up when I have trouble catching my breath. Do you think the lungs are inflamed from lupus?

  • WOW! Ive had that very thing too....It scared the life outta me.,.and I would wake up and sit up and gasp for air.&.try to breath deep as soon as I could..horrible!!!!!! I have a brother with sleep apnea too I told the doctor and he said, "Is your brother over weight"? My brother is over weight...Im kinda average weight, but didn't think that mattered...

  • Weight doesn't matter. I am not overweight or underweight. My husband has it and is not overweight but has terrible sinus problems. Broken nose as a young man..

  • That's exactly what I thought....I find gp's are not so savvy these days about different issues...Give me an older GP!!!! I find most younger just push pills...

  • Dgleds.....As my husband always says there are good mechanics and bad mechanics...same goes with any other profession including doctors. Good luck ...I am starting to get afraid to go to sleep. I propped my pillow up a lot because i am ok out on the lounge. But, I did do this same thing when I fell asleep in my car while I was sitting at the beach. Woke up gasping for air. My sister in law went to sleep center and they said she stopped breathing like 40 times during the night. Crazy.. Everyone being sent home with an oxygen mask and tank. I don't think I can sleep with that on. I have to find another solution. I think it's the tongue muscle weakness from lupus maybe causing it to slip back in our airway. Just a theory. Really scary...I need to research more about it. Take care...

  • That is scary...and you need your good sleep too...It hasn't happened to me in a little while...and live alone, so kind of freaky to wake up gasping. My daughter saw it once, when I stayed with her..."Positive thoughts"...

  • Thanks Dgleds...positive thoughts...drinking my tea.

  • Hello Natura, Lupus can cause inflammation in the lungs, which does not show on x-rays.You need to ask to be referred to a chest consultant, and have a lung function test, as this will not get better on its own. If you google lupus/ lungs, you will find a lot if information. I have this problem, and it seems to be getting worse, but I have salbutamol nebulisers at home which really do relax my chest, and stop the "breathing through cotton wool feeling". Please push your Dr to refer you, and I hope you get some improvement, good luck.

  • Thank you has been hard breathing the past two days. Drinking marshmallow tea which is suppose to help bronchial. And pineapple for anti inflamm, but it's not enough. I am in between ins plans so I will try to go as soon as I can. Thanks.

  • Hi Natura, Just looking at this a little differently but do you have allergies, is there a very high pollen count and could this be a tightening of your airways. Was it asthma like, panic like. I once had an incident, which I think sounds similar to you. It was like my airways couldn't open. I likened it to an asthma attack, although I have never had asthma. I do have and always had allergies to grass, cats, wood (anything that can get up the nose x). I was asleep and woke struggling , wheezing and unable to breath in deeply. Its just a thought. Teapot65 is right you need to get your chest sounded and someone who understands Lupus chests to check you. Asthma is an inflammation of the airways and Teapot65 says Lupus can cause inflammation. Both would probably cause similar obstructive symptoms that need proper investigation.

  • Thanks what happened..I am usually good about not having allergies,but have had a cold for two weeks. Sinuses a little stuffy...breathing is better in air conditioning. It's this hot, humid summer on the island stuff. Scary when you wake up trying to breathe....will look into chest consultant...thanks

  • Hi Natura. I think last night was a pretty rough night all round. The pollen count is very high at the moment and there are quite a few sinus bugs doing the rounds at the moment. Part of the problem is that our immune systems are so shot to pieces that we pick up every infection there is and end up snuffly most of the time. At least I do.

    I find Steramar spray very useful. Basically it is purified sea water that you use as a sinus spray. I use it before going to bed and my wife says that it has helped reduce my snoring. It's great for bunged up sinuses. It's widely available at Boots, etc.

    All the best.


  • Thanks Stephen... I am going to look for that because I have been stuffy. I do get this occasional trouble breathing especially in humid weather.

  • I'm a Steramar fan too Stephen, it's good stuff.

  • Well, I finally got a good night sleep last night...finally put on air cond. I only had one snort, snore that woke me up. I even slept in when I am usually up early.. Felt good. I still need to address.

  • Glad you had a good sleep Natura, there's nothing worse than having an issue during the night.

  • Thanks Sazzy. Hope you are well too.

  • Hi Sorry to butt in..I have a similar situation.

    May I ask which medications you are on? could that be some side effects e.g. toxicity buildup


  • omega..not on any medication. After reading all the side effects people are expressing, I am not sure I ever want to go on any. But, the breathing can get laborious. I was not good yesterday and this morning. Trying to catch my breath. The marshmallow tea helps, but doesn't take it away. Maybe I should drink more tea. Seeing rheumy at end of July..My breathing is one of my big questions.

  • Mine too, over the years. Wondered if it's the same problem. It's not getting better unfortunately but horrendously worsen whilst on medication (!)

    I'm surprised by your comment re. side effects. I appreciated your honesty. Thanks. Whenever I read books on medications, it often says, "no, very little side effects" etc.

    Thank you for posting this.

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