I know this may seem like a silly request, but I can't stand my itchy dry scalp and ready to cut all my hair off. I have used a lavender shampoo to calm it down. I used a psoriasis shampoo, helped. But ,I think I need a more manageable haircut because my scalp is always pink. What does everyone else do? I had a short pixie cut years ago. Loved it, but my husband likes my hair long. I am annoyed that he's making me feel bad about cutting it off. Tired of the bob. Hate the bob...


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30 Replies

  • I also used to have very dry, itchy, and sore scalp and tried what seemed to be no end of differant shampoos and conditioners, until I tried liz earles shampoo which is made with all natural ingrediants and has virtually cleared up the problem but I also have a very short haircut. I also ues liz earles face and body washes and creams and has helped my skin as well.

    I hope this might help and you can get some relief soon.

    good luck subeedoo.

  • Thanks sue..will look into

  • Hi I have the same problem I loose mine and my head is red circles but u take antihistamines and I put bettamousse (steroids mousse) from Dr it really eases it

  • Heya

    My son has psoriasis on his scalp and he has to use tar shampoo and conditioner to ease the itchiness. I usually put a treatment on the ends of his hair though to give him a nicer smell and soften it because the tar is quite harsh. I get an itchy scalp when my hair goes beyond shoulder length and i always have to cut it and have it layered so doesnt weigh too much on scalp. Mind you seriously thinning at the top but bottom heavy?? Hope you get some relief!

  • Oh and antihistimines do work.

  • I shaved my hair off to raise money for charity a couple of years ago... Now I'm actually losing it, it's often tempting to shave it off again!

    If you're uncomfortable shave it are you not your hair style ( that's how I think) but!!!! I really don't think it's the answer for you as it's your scalp that's the issue not your hair...get lots of advice before you do anything X

  • love the way you think!....ive lost two thirds of my hair so got my husband to shave the rest off and I now wear coloured scarves. Its been quite liberating in a funny sort of way!!

  • I used to suffer with a terribly itchy scalp before I lost my hair (damn lupus!) A friend recommended the body shop ginger anti dandruff shampoo and it was wonderful. Now my daughter who suffers with psoriasis uses it and has also found it to be a huge relief. Highly recommend it, even my dad now uses it and also loves it.

    Despite losing most of my hair (I shave the rest off) I still sometimes get the horrible itching scalp. A quick wash with the shampoo and it feels much better. Don't know why its so good, as all the prescribed and medicated ones didn't help at all. Maybe its the ginger!

    Good luck and def worth a try


  • I have the same problem and the Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner really helped - because it is free of sulphates which is what I think might cause the irritation. I have also discovered that L'Oreal do a sulphate free shampoo so there are other brands. My head is fine most of the time now. We are just sensitive to harsh chemicals. Anti-histamines didn't stop the problem for me. Good luck - it's a great relief when you find something that works.

  • PS I have long hair and I intend to keep it!

  • Thank you everyone for your posts. The t gel for dandruff worked originally, but now I am itching again, and yes, losing hair along the front of my head. Embarrassing as I feel like I have to do a combover to cover it. It is starting to grow back as it does, but prob will fall out again. Will look into suggestions. Thanks again. Think I am going to cut short. Need a change and tired of the bobs.

  • Same issue, saw dermatologist one top ones for lupus mine is seborrhoeic dermatitis. Gave me special shampoo ketaczole use twice week leave on 3 minutes.bethamasone steriod drops for red scalp plus cream for skin on ears back neck shoulders mine was so bad as old rheumatologist had refused refer me till took my hubby with me and a senior dr questioned why not referred that she would straight away.mines much calmer. Flares up winter with dry heat have use less if hairdryer. So went to shorter bob.cold pack on head instead scratching seems help alot.

  • Thanks windless. Didn't think of cold pack. Don't want to use hairdryer anymore because it makes it worse. That why I am looking for a short easier haircut that will dry on its own faster.

  • I too have the very itchy scalp and have had complete alopecia several times in my life but it's currently quite thick. I don't want to cut it while it's growing well again but hate scratching day and night so I use a coal tar shampoo and also occasionally Betacap, which settles the itching for a week or so and seems to stop dandruff too. I know it's a chemical/ drug treatment but it's one I choose over itching so much that I lose my hair again.

  • Wait..twitchy...itching your hair makes it fall out? Uh oh! I have been scratching!!! ha!

  • I suffer with the same thing and have naturally curly hair the longer my hair gets the worse my scalp becomes but I don't like my hair cropped I usually opt for an arch at the back longer at the front but this time opted for short one side longer on the other and it's actually been quite easy to look after

  • Bev...that was actually one of the haircuts I was looking to change to...longer in front, cropped In back . Thanks...easier to manage.

  • It is a lot easier to manage quicker drting time and you can change it up with hairbands or slides so it doesn't always look the same :-)

  • Don't know if this will help but I use an olive soap by Poupatsis, you can get it on Amazon ans e bay. It's suitable for body and hair. I wash my hair every other day and the difference is amazing, no itching, scaling and my hair lovely and shiny. It's completely natural, olive oil based, no sulphates etc. I first came upon this in Crete many years ago, when it was unheard of in UK. Used to bring loads home with me. It costs £10 for six bars, post free from Greece, via Amazon. My grandsons excema completely cleared using this soap, and he also washes his hair with it like me, we both have lovely thick shiny hair.

    Hope this helps Lynda xx

  • Jockety...I like this idea. Thanks.

  • Hello! I have had this problem too. I tried coal tar shampoo but found it didn't help. I now use Holland & Barrett Dr Organics Manuka Honey shampoo and conditioner or sometimes The Body Shop range with ginger. I do not use hair styling products (unless I am going out, which isn't often at all) and I generally leave my hair to dry naturally rather than use a hair dryer. When I first diagnosed and my scalp was sore and itchy and I had lost a lot of hair, I had it cut quite short - but I didn't want it so short that my red, scaley scalp was visible but I am now growing it again. The steroid cream from the Dermatologist did help stop the hair loss and sores. It seems to be getting thicker again but I still have places where the damaged follicles mean it isn't going to grow back. Anyway I think having it cut shorter did help and I will now try to grow it shoulder length. I change my mind with my hair all the time and my husband prefers mine longer, but they can't always get their own way, can they! Good luck! x

  • Thanks Wendy...I told my husband yesterday. Sorry ...need it more manageable...don't want to blow dry my hair anymore. Want to slick it back and go.

  • I get rashes on my stomach which itch like crazy. My hair falls out in some places, and thick in other places. Take a shorter haircut, and have your hairdresser layer it. I live in Florida (which is cold now) and my hair gets very dry in the summer months. The itch is basically from dryness. I use Frederick Fekkai shampoo and conditioner and I feel they are the best. I've tried everything, from Keratin to dandruff shampoo. It's because of our immune system - and we can't change that. I started using Aquaphor as my face cream because of the dryness and Scleraderma. The red area just won't go away, but I feel Aquaphor is better than the expensive face creams. Good luck!

  • Thanks tennis....I will look into that one too.

  • I've had problems with my hair since before I was a teenager. Itchy scalp, red scalp, losing half my hair. I have lupus & APS.

    Here's what I've tried over the last 2 years:

    Oils, you name it I've put it on nothing

    Eggs, massaging, nothing

    Vinegar, it worked

    Onions, red and white. Worked for months but could not stand the smell any more- poor people close to me!!

    Lemon juice, scalp fine, not red or ichty, I've actually grew new hair!!

  • Interesting Sophia....I would have thought vinegar would sting. I used a t gel for scalp and it worked a little, but started itching bad again. Thanks for sharing

  • Thank you everyone for sharing my pain. I am getting it cut today and will post a new picture of my do. I am going to try shampoos everyone suggested, and see what works best, and not too expensive.

  • Try Virgin coconut oil on your scalp and skin and wash it with a paraben free shampoo after leaving overnight. It helps a lot.

  • I will have to try that though I don't really enjoy the smell of coconut...but it sounds like it would work. Thanks.

  • Hi Natura

    I would suggest you ask your GP for a referral to a dermatologist or a steroid scalp application, either dermovate or betnovate they are both very good for easing the itchy, dry scalp problems and can be easily applied even if you still have hair. I am bald so it is easy for me to rub it on I would say to your husband that he lets you get your scalp sorted so you feel comfortable or you could end up bald if your scalp gets very bad and how would he like that??? I am sure he would prefer short hair and you being comfortable to things getting worse and you being bald!! I have lost all of my hair several times so it does happen and it is a very real problem and depending on the health authority lupus does not come into the category of conditions where people are entitled to help with wigs, and decent ones are very expensive so I wear bandanas as there is no way that I can afford a wig. Ask your husband how he would feel if it was his scalp that felt like it was itching all the time and nothing eased it and had a permanent underlying burning when it was scratched and having hair made it worse try to put him in the picture and make him see it from your point of view, let him read this even and see that total baldness is a real possibility if your scalp can't be treated he may see your problem slightly differently then.

    I have now been recommended a particular variety of lavendar for it's oil for hair growth and will be using it once my scalp improves when I finish my current course of steroid treatment for sores.

    Good luck I hope things improve and that you manage to sort out your predicament and get your scalp healthy again,

    Take care and have a merry Christmas and a happy Healthy new year

    Madmagz x

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