Kidney symptom?

Last 2-3 weeks urine colour change to light luminous green/darker brown despite drinking more water no change and occasional back pain- been on Hydroxychloroquine (Quinoric) 400mg daily for 5 months after " soft diagnosis"of SLE.

Would test at GP show need for change of meds or do I wait for 6 month Consultant appointment in March ? Some benefit with joint pain with meds but fatigue not changed greatly so far and other symptoms required prn treatment at GP

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  • Have you recently started to take vitamin supplements? They tend to change the urine colour.

  • Green to darker brown urine may indicate blood. Dead blood cells appear green to brown. Don't wait for this one to be checked out. Go to your GP and say you want to be tested for an urine infection, on top of having your kidneys totally checked out from top to bottom.

    If there is any chance of SLE, these are things that need to be routinely checked out merely as a preventative health habit. Definitely not something to be worried about. You Just need to be vigelent when it comes to weird urine.

  • I have this too - took sample with me as requested for rheumy clinic yesterday and it was deep honey coloured. They didn't say anything when they took it off but I do have microscopic haematuria and urgent urology consultauon with cystoscopy next week. I'm told by my rheumy year day that I can't have SLE or UCTD because my autoabtibodies are negative although they have previously been equivocal/ borderline and I have RA. As my BP was soaring yesterday and I'm in intermittent agony and having random vomitting every few days I think I might get hubby to take me to A&E today although no sign of urinary infection in any samples to date. Wondering about kidney stones for me. As freckle suggests you should get your pee checked out as soon as possible but don't panic. That said I'm panicking but then I'm in lots of pain with mine!

  • I hate to disagree with your DR., but he/she should know that about 2% of people with auto immune disorders have a negative ANA! I suggest more specific blood tests should be done. Has your DR. done a more specific test for Lupus (DS-DNA)?

    Dr. S (USA)

  • Yes I've had just about every test that exists now - he's very thorough. He hasn't ruled out Behcets or APS completely yet as only just tested for these but truly negative for all else.

  • definitely get you kidneys checked

  • If urine isn't the usual colour for 48 hrs with or without pain ask your nurse to multistix it. At least it will be recorded or blood, protein, infection etc then she will tell you how to proceed.

  • You really need to see your DR. ASAP. Your urine is discolored for a reason (it can be from high intake of certain vitamins and/or meds), but knowing that you have SLE it becomes more of a concern. Discoloration could mean blood in the urine or even an infection (also protein in the urine means your kidneys are not working properly.. You need to have a urinalysis and blood work, i.e. Creatinine, BUN, Creatine-Protein ratio and a GFR. If your kidneys have diminished function......the sooner you are treated the better. Please do not wait to see your DR.

    Dr. S (in the USA)

    P.S. I have Lupus and my kidneys have recently been affected........EARLY treatment is imperative.

  • BTW: I'm not sure what you mean by a "soft diagnosis of SLE". I assume your DR. did an ANA and a more specific test for Lupus (DS-DNA). If you do indeed have Lupus, about 2% of people can have a negative ANA but a high DS-DNA.........A high DS-DNA is not a "soft diagnosis" for Lupus........especially if you have many of the symptoms of the auto immune disorder. Examples: extreme fatigue, joint pain, headaches, mouth or skin sores (this is usually in the sign of a butterfly rash), muscle pain........and sometimes a low grade fever, hair loss. The most common of theses symptoms are extreme fatigue and joint pain (which can move from one joint to another).

    Good Luck,

    Dr. S

    Please contact me if I can be of further help.

  • Hi Dr S. I have a question for you please. ANA positive and DS DNA always comes back as >200mlul all the 12 criteria for diagnosing and timeline for the past 5 years shows consistently symptoms. Please explain how you would read the DS DNA and if you would class it as Mild, Moderate or Severe?


  • maybehope.........I would not classify it as mild, moderate or severe........those terms I would use in assessing a patient's symptoms (the severity and how many symptoms the patient has and just how poorly they feel). If you complained of extreme fatigue, on-going headaches and severe joint(s) pain, and/or other on-going symptoms then I would classify the case as severe.

    The numbers you pose (greater than 200mlul are usually defined as "strong positive".

    Depending on the number it would be defined as negative, mildly positive, moderately positive or strong positive..........such as yourself.

    Dr. S

    P.S. I myself, am a strong positive, but don't always have severe symptoms. As you know, symptoms can vary day to day and week to week.

  • Thanks everyone for helpful replies - have phone consultation with GP today and face to face on Thursday so will get sample and tests done this week and post questions that no doubt wil result from these....

  • Dr S ,

    Last blood results I have seen were before Rheumy consultant appointment in August- bloods from mid-May.

    ANA was positive and Anti ds DNA 21.5 IU/ml.

    I have been bothered by fatigue, joint pain, Raynaud's, nasal and mouth ulcers for over year now.

    I am late 50s Scottish Male so rarely visit Dr and tests were done after Keeping Well check up in February showed low white cell count and I have had constant runny nose and above issues since though some predate for a while I think..- I have paced myself at times but still manage 4 day week with some early finishes when too tired and some golf though can be whacked afterwards sometimes..

    I see GP on Thursday morn and I have to take fresh urine sample with me..

    Next Rheumy Consultant appointment is early March and your thoughts on any questions I should be asking of GP or Consultant through GP would be appreciated.

    I have not started any vitamin course or change in diet recently..

    Thanks again for early comments from all

  • Whether your DS DNA is high is determined by what your particular lab considers to be normal. The lab I use in the USA states anything over 4.0 is considered to be positive for Lupus......a reading of 21.5 would be highly positive in my lab. Having Raynauds and/or Sjogrens is not uncommon when you have Lupus. You state your white cell count was you know if your platelet count was low as well? If so, it is possible your bone marrow was affected by your Lupus. Most often that is an easy remedy........going on prednisone will increase those counts back to normal. The reason for the urine test are to make sure there is no blood or protein in urine. You did not state if you are on meds. There has been data showing that 200-400mg of Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) daily can reduce symptoms and vasculitis. If your symptoms get worse you may be started on prednisone and eventually be put on a steroid sparing drug such as Imuran or Cellcept (sometimes Methotrexate is used). I have not tried this myself yet, but I have read going on an organic paleo diet has helped many people with Lupus. You also should eliminate as much sugar in your diet as possible as we know sugar increases inflammation the the body. BUT, before doing anything you should consult with your DR. and let him/her make the final determination as to any changes you make in your diet and meds. I hope I have helped a little. Dr. S

  • i Dr S,

    I have been on hydroxychloroquine sulphate (Quinoric) 400mg since beginning of September 2015 on advice of Consultant Rhemy in August

    There was never any mention of low platelet count.

    Dont think symptoms any worse - change in urine colour a new thing over festive and seeing GP with sample tomorrow

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