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Christmas is coming...I have mild lupus and Im on Plaquenil only...can you have any alcohol drinks?

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No one has said anything about if you can have drinks or not..I only like wine, but is it ok with Plaquenil?

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Yes, it's fine. I don't know about the other meds you're taking but Plaquenil is fine with alcohol.

HI i find and this is only me i cant tolerate alcohol at all although i take more than just plaquenil now i coud,nt take it even before diagnosis back in 2004 it caused flare ups so be careful and enjoy christmas

ok..i could have one wine,, then cranberry juice.....just plaquenil and synthroid I take only..i turned down steroids.

Thanks for helping me...


I always have my fave baileys with milk at Christmas :) it doesn't make me poorly with plaquenil.

my sis made me a snowball one Christmas morning and I got drunk on it! such a light weight lol x

Well...its good to keep on laughing:)

I don't think it will hurt - I enjoy a glass of wine occasionally, I take planquinel and steriods and neurontin.

I enjoy odd glass of baileys and bubbly now and then , I haven't noticed any problems or side effects due to takin planquil ! So in moderation you probs be fine! I mean if you get drunk you prob just suffer with the usual hangover! X

I few drink won't hurt just not every day

I had my hen party and ibwas taking planquenil so I'm sure you can guess how much alcohol was consumed/forced down my neck haha i paid for it the next day though! Not a hangover but a flare, couldn't move off the couch for pain. I haven't got that drunk since lol x

Hiya, I am taking Plaquenil, I don't have a problem if I only have a few drinks however if I have a big night out I end up ill for at least a week after it!! I have to limit how often I go out and if I am not feeling 100% which tends to be all the time I don't go out!!

Hi, I've taken plaquenil for 6 months now.... I enjoy having a little drink but have noticed I can't tolerate much anymore ( I'm 39) or I just feel mega rough the next day! ....not sure if that's the meds or my age haha!! Xxx

I can't tolerate alcohol I'm the same as Belee. Feel terrible next day. I only have gin and tonic. Can't have wine anymore.

funny you should say that...I seem to get zoned very easy now...even on motion sickness pills..i need like half..even a quarter of one....less tolerance.

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