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can you have lupus and rhumertoid?

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had pains in the "elevens" at the back of neck,

go docs he says yes arthritis . well this past 2 weeks

my feet are killing cant walk. rhumertoid runs through family.

what are the odds of this being rhumertoid. am i less likely

to have r/a cause i have lupus?

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id luv to know the answer to that as ive actually asked for a different rhuemy as the other dr is very lupus "aware" whereas my current rheumy was more concerned with the paraolympics and telling me im too fat and need to exercise so i said dr do u have lupus he replied no , i said dr did u study lupus he said no , so i said well how can you help me then, i saidy ou were supposed to be my god and so far all you have done is reduced me to tears twice you then have the cheek to askme if i want to see him again i said no thank you id like to see a dr that knows what he is doing

I have Lupus and an overlapping problem with Rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor said there is evidence of RA in my blood, although it's mild. You can have both and if you have one autoimmune disease you can be suseptible to others.

Agree with Melinda, I have both too.

Nicky - I was diagnosed in Y2K with SLE/RA overlap - Rhuemy said over time one or the other would become more prevalent - looks like the SLE won. He also said names really didn't matter as the meds were working - but it is nice to know what you have - Malcolm

hi :)

kitty you do get arrogent docs. hope your all sorted now if rhummy would have seen

me he would have had a heart attack lol i put on at least 3 stones.

i do have other illness's and just thought cause of the sjogens scleroderma etc that was enough,

and i would not get an arthritis which goes for the bones.

the neck still hurts but got use to it, but the feet not got use to that yet.

so the tabs they use for lupus are the same as those for rhumertoid?

thanx for replys :)

Hi Nicky, I follow a very good blog called 'getting closer to myself.' It's written by a girl in the USA who has RA & SLE. You might find this helpful, but I must warn you she is a warts & all bloggist.

I also get pain in the neck, quite literally, when my lupus flares. I have read in The Lupus Book, by Daniel Wallace (page 80, 3rd edition) that these vertebrae have more synovial lining than other parts of the spine. Synovium is the tissue effected by lupus, same as hips, knees, hands, feet. Hence the quite specific areas of pain.

Hopes this helps. X

hi i was diagnosed with rhumatoid and after a few years found out that i got lupus too x

Have read that Lupus affects the larger joints where as RA tends to affect the smaller joints. I don't really know about that, all i know is that i get pain in most of my joints. At the moment it is mainly my feet.

hi :)

with the blog do you just type "getting closer to myself " in google hun?

love the warts and all type would be intersting to know her views on this rotten illness.

does make you wonder with the tennis elbow frozen shoulder wrist pains etc will look into


thanx everyone.

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