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Do You have any suggestion about how I can deal with my employer ?

I am confused and I am a bit lost... I am working over 6 years in a private, reputable school. When I started the job I told my employer about my health condition. In 4 years time I didn't feel too bad .. I was working plenty hours... last two years were worse. My manager sent me to an occupation nurse, because I was off too much and he couldn't understand why.

Did he think that I am lazy ?!.. Any way. I explained everything to the occupation nurse. She was brilliant! She sent a letter to my manager. We had a meeting... I can not explain how bad and down i felt .. They gave me new tasks but the tasks wasn't easier for me ( I still had to carry heavy things,rush etc.) , they did not want to cut my hours, they said that my condition doesn't mean that i can not work full time !!!! It was very unfair because we have part time stuff and a lot of them are looking for more hours ! They need me to do normal duties in busy time!

I won, partially, one day, after they received my rheumatologist letter so they cut my hours in January and I tried to keep going like that....

Now I feel that I can not manage any more.. I would like to speak to my manager again but I frightened.. I am really lost and I can't see any solution..

Do You have any suggestion?

Thanks x

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Hello ewela - so sorry to hear about your situation. I work in the NHS and my occupational health nurse was great but my line manager was horrible - he just kept asking when the medication would work and how long the illness would last! All I had asked for was a few short breaks of about 5 mins to rest my hands which I use to hold equipment. I am in a position where I can retire so I am but in your case I would go to occupational health again - people just don't understand as you don't look ill with it. Good Luck xx


Depending on the extent (severity and frequency) of your symptoms, you may be regarded as disabled for employment law purposes. The threshold is not very high and i suspect you would come under it. The law give additional and some preferential rights to those people who are regarded as disabled for employment law purposes. This includes a legal duty on your employer to make reasonable adjustments to your role, to support you in keeping a job. In your case, it might be additional rest breaks, or a change in duties, or perhaps job sharing. The possibilities are endless. It's all about what's good for you and reasonable for the employer. Are you in a union? Get help. If not, check your house and car insurances to see if you have legal cover. It might include employment law. If not, try the CAB. You need support in addressing this properly. If your employer accepts your lupus is a disabilty, then they will be under a continuing obligation to keep supporting you as your health changes. Ps. I suspect 80% of lupus suffers who are employed will be regarded as disabled - it just means that your symptoms are more than trivial and affect you on a daily basis in some way, which has an adverse impact. Best of luck


Thanks for both answers. I think that I will go to the CAB. but I can't believe that my employer will agree lupus as a disability if they don't have to.. :( They told me , that they did enough for me.. they changed my duties ( of course they are not easier ) and they didn't want to cut my hours because "they will need new staff to cover that" .I am sure that they will not change it again.. -That will not be "reasonable" for them...

Everything was fine when I could work full time, work hard..

This is very sad when you fill like rubbish and realize that your employer doesn't want you any more.. I think that they are waiting for a day when I give up.. that's no too long..

Thank You for your suggestions...



Hi there ewela

I can confirm that Lupus IS covered under the disability discrimination act and is considered to be a Disability under Employment Law (no matter what your symptoms). This means that your employer has a duty of care to make 'reasonable' adjustments to accomodate you and your condition, INCLUDING reduced hours. I would visit both CAB & Occy health again to advise you on best way to approach your line manager with this info....But please do fight for your rights, they are in place for you to use. I have managed to arrange flexible working with my employer, allowing me to reduce hours when I am flaring and increase when I am well...I know that this may not be practical with regards to teaching but they still have an obligation to accomodate you and I believe that if you can demonstrate that your workload can be covered by other staff that you should have a strong argument for reduced hours. Very best of luck xx


Hi Welshexile. Thanks for your answer. That's helpful ! :) I am in the non- teaching staff. ;)

After 6 months they cut my hours.(. but 6 months is ages for me!).. Now i feel worse and I don't think that I will manage to do my duties anymore I just don't think that they want to do anything else for me..They told me to stay on my normal dilutes even at busy times - that's too much for me. !!!

I will try to not give up ;)

Thank you


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