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For my degree I have chosen to research into Lupus and Dance/Yoga/Pilates. Can anyone help me?

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My name is Leanne and my mother suffers from Lupus. I am researching into whether exercise such as Dance, Pilates or Yoga helps the symptoms of Lupus. I was wondering whether anyone has had any experience with this and would be able to share their thoughts with me for my research?

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Hi Leanne

I am 58 yrs old and was diagnosed with Lupus 2 and a half years ago.

I participate in a 3/4 hr tap dancing class every week, and have done this for years. I now have problems raising my arms above my head (the dance teacher and the examiner when I take an exam allows for this) and I am always exhausted after it. When I am excessively tired, I have to miss the class, but I go back as soon as I feel able to.

I do not think the tap dancing helps the Lupus in any way, but I know I am getting some sort of exercise that I enjoy.

I also go to an 'Exercise for Mobility' class weekly too, lasting an hour. This is gentle exercise and stretching exercises

to help prevent osteoporosis. Once again, as with the tap, I struggle with the arms above my shoulders exercises, and once again, I do not think that this has helped the Lupus in any way, but I know that my posture has improved.

I walk my dog 20 - 30 mins a day too, even if I feel tired and in pain, I try to get out and walk a short distance daily.

I hope this is of some use to you.


Hi Leanne

Iv tried yoga witch was quite good but dint really help to much, iv also tired Pilates that was excellent I really enjoyd that, I took up water aerobics ad that was awsum felt grate after it, I'm 22 and was diagnosed with lupus 8 months ago still trying to find out what will help.

Hi Leanne

My rheumatologist reccomended i try pilates but i haven't got around to it yet


I'm 35 and was diagnosed at 20 with Lupus.

I do both Yoga and Pilates as well as some dance aerobics with mixed results.

Yoga seems to really help keep my flexibility up, but can be difficult on my hips and knees which are both very arthritic. I have the same issue with Pilates, but find if I mix the two it seems to help. The main issue with one or the other in isolation is to much repetitive motion in the joints where I have damage.

Dance aerobics are a different story. I can do them at times, and at others they are just to intense for me. But I have a Yoga ballet program that I really like, it is slower motions, more static poses, leg lifts, and such.

This program seems to help me a lot...and is one of my favorites since it mixes elements of all three things.

Hi I have had lupus for many years and have deteriorated a lot. Would not be able to do the above mentioned, but thought you might find interesting that I go to hydrotherapy. I go for weekly sessions lasting 45mins over a 6week course, 4 times a year. This is with the NHS . What I thought you might want to know is that I move in the pool like an able bodied person. This is because it is non weight bearing. I do pay for it after but long term it does my stiff joints a lot of good. Good luck with your degree and don't forget to share any tips you discover, along the way.

I use Mindful Movements - gentle stretches and moves developed by a yoga teacher for the Breathworks Pain Management course I attended. Designed for people with chronic health and pain conditions. Info at

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Sorry. Typo.

Missed an h out! X

I'm 42 year old man who was diagnosed around ten years ago. I practice ashtanga yoga (Jivamukti) daily for 60' as part of my "treatment" and apart from mild bouts of fatigue very few months, I have been in remission. I am convinced yoga helps keep my lupus symptoms at bay. I tried Pilates but found it rathe dull. I'm more than happy to assist your study.

I know that in the 30 years Ive had Lupus I have never been able to partake in any such activity due to pain. dance is painful, so can only move for very small times, Pilates and yoga would be impossible as all the weird positions! When I was diagnosed I was unable to do PE at school. Its painful to walk. on a happier note I wonder if there are certain exercises that help Lupus apart from the ones mentioned another part of your degree maybe. good luck.

I use yoga routinely for my lupus, without it I can't move :(

Excercise full stop has changed my life & illness, I mix weightraining ( helps the muscles) with Zumba for suppleness & yoga. I still do yoga even during flares, it really helps

Not any of the above but Thai chi is good!

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