Lupus and Alcohol - can you stand it?

Hi there!

Before I got sick - presumably with Lupus SLE - I used to enjoy our German beer and sometimes really a lot of it. Now it just destroys me. If I consume just one large beer (about 500 millilitres) I am down for 24 hours. I know that this is not all too sad because alcohol is not a good or neccessary thing in life. Anyway I wonder if any of you have the same experience? Also it seems like coffee/caffein makes my symptoms worse.

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  • I use to enjoy a glass of red at the weekend but now I rarely drink as the medication I am on can sometimes make me feel funny. I asked a question recently about alcohol and Methetroxate and it would seem that it is okay to drink in moderation with it but will speak further to my Consultant next week about this. On the comment about coffee, I was advised by my Consultant to drink only caffeine free coffee/tea. Perhaps you should try this and see if it helps.

  • Thank you Alexandria! I may have to change my type of coffee to caffeine-free then - though it tastes ugly...

  • Hi there

    I've found some really nice decaff roast coffee for my caffe tier. Usually in the supermarkets. You soon get used to the taste. I was always a costa extra shot person! But even their decaf is quite decent! Feels like you're being naughty when you're not!


  • Unfortunately I've not been able to drink for years -I noticed I felt flu-like afterwards and had to stay in bed after a glass of wine or small bottle of beer. I still occasionally have a 1/3 glass of wine if I'm feeling daring!

  • I have def found my tolerance level for alcohol had decreased. I've never been a big drinker but do enjoy a glass or two of wine and the odd night out with friends. But I now find I don't really fancy a drink even when I have the opportunity, and if I do have a glass

    Or two I feel sooo rough after you'd think I'd been drinking heavily.

  • It's pants! I love a few glasses of red but find it wakes me up in the night feeling wired and I feel just terrible the next day. I try to have a drink early in the evening then flush it out with a few glasses of water. I work so hard and wish I could just enjoy a little tipple without planning the next few days. I'm going away next week to celebrate a friends 50th and we're going to drink Bollinger on the beach, I just know I'm going to feel naff the next day or two which could spoil the whole trip! Grrrr, damn you Lupus! Luckily my friend is so very sensitive and understanding about my condition so has devised a plan B should I not make it out if my room the next day!

  • Hi Acom1,

    that sounds very familiar. Even very small amounts of alcohol make me feel terrible for mostly several days in a row so I try to keep my hands off it.

  • Hi, am just coming around after a night out, I am not able to tolerate much alcohol any more, 2 small glasses and I feel like I have drunk several bottles.

  • Oops I must be the odd one out, I have never found any problems with alcohol n still enjoy my all inclusuve holidays to the full. Never been able to drink red wine as it causes migraines. Just started on a new med for my heart so I am testing this slowly lol.

  • I drink far too much than I ought to but get so peeved with being tired and ill all the time, I feel like I deserve a drink and it relaxes me. Just for a little while you can put the disease to the back of your mind.

    God, if I have to give up alcohol!!!, well, I just don't know.

    This all sounds really bad doesn't it !!!!

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