Depo Medrone - Does it help with Fatigue?

Hi, I'm new here.

I have been having symptoms for about 2 years. After two bouts of shingles. It was manageable, until about 6 months ago. The pain and the fatigue amongst a long list of others things finally made me seek help. My GP suggested that Lupus may be the cause and referred me to a Rhuematologist. I have seen them three times in the last month, and after "normal" blood tests, I was referred to the "Connective Tissue Doctor" as it was still thought to be the cause. He gave me a Depo Medrone Injection on Friday and I have to say it was like being given a magic potion, within hours, the pain and swelling had dissapeared. I can concentrate so much better, I had developed a stutter, and this has gone too. I have however, this morning been overwhelmed by tiredness. Does Depo Medrone help with the tiredness? The first feww days I felt great, but I wondered maybe I had overdone it, or whether it doesn't help with fatIgue. Any advice would be greatfully received.

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  • It certainly did help mine, but I'd say the pain relief came first then the improved energy. It was about two weeks before I felt the full effects

  • I feel the effects quite quickly and first time I had it I couldn't believe how far from "normal" I had been feeling before then. The ones I've had since haven't had quite so strong a reaction but still make me feel so much better. Anyway - it helps with my fatigue but oddly it initially makes me sleep LOADS. The tiredness for me is different to the fatigue I get with lupus though ... it's almost as if I am catching up on all the rest I've been needing for so long and it's rest that actually makes me feel better. When I'm flaring badly I get so tired but can't sleep and when I have the injection it gets rid of the being unable to sleep bit and I spend the next 2 days catching up on it but with sleep that is actually restorative rather than waking up as tired as when I went to bed. Don't know if it's like that for everyone else though 😊

  • Yes I have had two now and it made my life more bearable, my consultant gave me his nurses number if I wanted another one, I sounded like a druggy when he asked me if I wanted another one and eagerly said yes, he laughed and said that with the pain they cause when you have it in the muscle not everyone will go for it, he understood. You have probably overdone it the first few days with the wonderful effect it has had, glad it made you feel better. Long may it continue xxxx

  • Thank you for your replies. Mifford, I said the same thing to my hubby, i am just tired now instead of exhausted. With two jobs and 5 children, I think I am allowed to be tired. The Sunday after I had it I slept for 13 hours! That's more sleep than I get in a week sometimes. The only pain it doesn't help with is the nerve pain left over from my first bout of shingles, but to be fair, nothing really touches that. I'm hoping the effects last a while, my next appointment isn't until January!

  • I had a Depomedron injection and it sort of helped the pain for 2 weeks then I was back to normal, it should have lasted roughly 3 months. I ended up back on steroids

  • Hi there,

    We have a leaflet on Mixed connective tissue disease which you might find useful

    You might also find our information on lupus and fatigue useful:

    You might also find that some general information on lupus is useful and you can request an information pack here on our website as well as have a look at various other leaflets we provide about the condition

  • Thank you, they were very helpful.

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