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does anyone have a cure for cold feet sensation?

was diagnosed with sle last year after 10 weeks in hospital, 4 in icu,had pneunomia,septicaemia,organ failure etc. much better now. was on mtx but now on hydroxy because of liver main problem apart from fatigue is cold feet sensation.cant get a decent nights sleep.anyone suffer from the same or know of a treatment.

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Wear sheepskin boots in cold weather (Celtic Sheepskin have a good range and are cheaper/better quality than Uggs) and ultra-fluffy fleece socks (Matalan £5 for 2 pairs) in bed. Prevention is the cure IME Mitty. Despite this, if mine become really cold I give them a warm bath with Epsom salts in a washing up bowl. Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time - hugs. x


Thanks Tigerlily4 will give them a try.


v much feeling for you.

In bed at night I wear wooly socks and soft fleece lined bed booties (haha: yes, this is true: I get them from givans, the bedding & linen specialists. These booties have saved my life - they are so soft all over, like big baby booties) and falke over the knee leg wooly warmers from sock solutions (I also wear these when I take naps during the day - all that even in summer (my raynauds is 24/7 year round))

During the day I wear layers too eg leg warmers that keep my ankles warm and wooly socks.

A rheumy tried me on the vsaodilator nifedipine but it made most of my sle symptoms worse inc erythromelalgia.

For more tips: have you visited the raynauds & scleroderma assoc website? It's full of good info and also you can order their products - eg silver socks might be good for you. My husband thinks the gloves are wonderful. And the association also has a forum here on HU.

Take care xo


Woolly thermal socks and my daughter bought me a thing like a cushion with holes to put either your hands or feet in and has a zipto put a hot water bottle Iin. Its great x


I have found smartwool socks or icebreakers ones have been a lifesaver. Yes they are expensive but they are so worth it and the only thing that managed to warm my feet up last winter!


I ordered some 'Nasa' socks from and they're brilliant. They're really thin and you can wear them under normal socks. They're supposed to reflect the heat back into your body. You can get gloves too that fit under normal gloves. They've made such a difference to me. I'm even hoping to be able to stand outside on bonfire night this year with the kids!, All the best xxx


I wore Heat Holders socks. They have a tog rating like duvets.


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