Does anyone have seed corns underneath their feet?

I've had seed corns (small hard like white stones) underneath my feet for the last 10 years. I have about 5 on each foot. They can be very sore and make standing and walking uncomfortable. I have to go to the podarist every 2 months to have them dug out. I don't know if this another sympton associated with Lupus. Anyone else have this, would be good if there was someone out there.

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This sounds very painful and uncomfortable. Fortunately, i do not suffer from this but I do have arthritis in my feet - the toes can be awful. It maybe worthwhile discussing with the hospital why you have a tenancy to have them keep recurring. i would ask whether they know of something where you could bathe or soak your feet to help keep the skin supple and soft, to avoid further corns - also query with regards to your footwear whether they maybe causing this.

Let me know who you get on! lulabelle


Thanks Lulabelle for your reply. The podarist at the hospital says they are like crystals, but are known as seed corns. They have said there has been a paper printed that alot of people who have corns and then go on to wear apprpriate footwear, still have corns appearing and that it is almost as if the body has got so used to making these that the body just keeps making them, even though the foot is better supported. I do try my best to put moisturise them but with lose of moveability in my legs I do find this difficult and more since having a total hip replacement in my right leg. The hospital always replace my shoe inserts as needed, which they make up for me, which I find really useful and comfortable. My footwear is always good and supporting. Many thanks again for your comments.

Take care


Hiya I had a similar problem a few years ago but mine were veruccas they were so painful on walking. I ended up up cryo surgery, freezing them off. It was quite painful at the time but much better now. I was told you do get this sort of stuff with lupus because of your immune system. Also side effects of a lot of the drugs makes you more susceptable to lots of things.

All the best to you


It will not make your or my problem any better if I tell you that 'yes' I have been experiencing this same problem for some months now!

Like walking on a floor full of marbles. I got so fed up of waiting for an appointment with the local NHS Podarist, I decided to go private. My first visit cost £25 and I was told that I would have to visit them every 2-3 months for treatment in the future as they will only come back again. Fortunately, 2 months later I my appointment with the NHS came through and now I will get free treatment by just telephoning when necessary.

So my friend, there you have it, we will have to live with it and simply just look forward to the next visit because it's so pleasurable having them 'dug out'


the seed corns what do they look like and if u open them up does it actually have a seed in there i found one on my foot pick it off with with clippers and noticed a seed like white thing.


Yes that sounds right. They are so hard that it's impossible to break up. Someone said it is where the body has no way of getting rid of them and they then harden up and push through (don't really know). At least you aren't alone in having the problem. :)


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