Cold feet ....if only

I know many on here suffer with cold feet as I do to as I'm not diagnosed and really don't have anyone to ask questions thought I'd asked the real processionals. My feet sometimes get so cold somtimes it creeps up my legs and actually makes me pee more as even my bladder feels chilled is this normal wrong word ,doors anyone else get this.hope u all well as can be x

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  • Hello There

    I have a pair of fluffy socks which I wear in bed and around house when I get chilly. I also have a cellular blanket which I wrap up in at night, this is often around my legs which are cold to the touch at night and ache when they get cold. Drives me mad.

  • Hi Thaddeus I had 2 pair of socks on but don't think it matters as cold is inside.I'm used to cold feet in winter(could always tell winter was coming by my feet)but never this time of year and never as cold.I worked Monday as it was a beautiful day wore my sandals morning shift but changed to my trainers for evening shift do you think I should always wear trainers and socks even in summer x

  • my oh my do i ever know this feeling: cold right to your very bones! i've been managing this since my earliest years on planet has gotten worse as the decades have passed....nothing helps me as much as wearing layers and constantly taking them off & on 24/7 all year round. my legs & feet are probably the most hard to tolerate. i wear wooly bedsocks and also legwarmers in bed(!) but then i get so warmed up i have to peel 'em off. yes, i always wear trainers & socks in summer....

    the best tips i've had on how to cope with this have been from the raynauds & scleroderma association website & forum (the forum is right here on healthunlocked: it is offered in the communities section of this forum website)

    take care

  • Will have a look ty x

  • Aspirin sometimes helps, but a hot bath is the best. When it get really bad I sleep in jogger, but when my feet get too hot, they get 'kicky' and i have to dangle them outof the bedding. Then wake with cold feet and have to put the woolies back on.

  • Aspirin upsets my stomach but do u think a foot spa would help x

  • This is my first post-I just had to reply because I have the same socks on, socks off, feet dangling out of bed thing going on most nights - so annoying! I have SLE, Raynauds etc etc

  • hi first post on here

    im male had lupus since 2002 got raynauds to had to wear 2 pairs of socks in bed somer and winter then noticed cold feet not as bad after a curry so after a word with doc started taking tumeric powder in food its making a differance only need 1 pair now have a friend taking it to also finding it a help

  • I love curries but unfortunately they don't love me anymore but I do have an occasional 1and suffer the consequences x

  • I have found turmeric really helps. You can put a little in some milk and warm it in the microwave. Add a little honey if you like.

    Otherwise soak feet in a washing up bowl of hot water. Add some bath oil or shower gel. Heaven.

  • My best tip, I use a hot water bottle when I go to bed (even in summer) and put it under my feet - heavenly.

  • hi so pleased \i'm not the only one.. feet and hands so so cold....evdn wear gloves in heighht of summer lol xxx

  • sorry not so cold n brain fog lol xxxx

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