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Pain in right shoulder blade (scapula) and right side of the rib cage under the armpit. Cure?

Five days ago while playing basketball i was hit with and elbow under my right scapula, while my right arm was extended. After two days, pain started appearing in my scapula and on the right side of my rib cage. As days have passed the pain has become more severe to the the point when i cough or raise my right arm, my right side of the ribs and right scapula hurt like hell. When i stretch or do anything with my right arm, again right ribs right underneath the armpit and right scapula hurt like hell. There is no discoloration or visible bruising on the scapula, only it feels swollen. So far i have been using heat patches on the area, and today (the 5th day) i took an ibuprofen pill cause the pain was so severe that i could not bear it. Please help? What could it be and also what treatment do i need to recover? Also how long will it take to recover?

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Have you seen your gp or had an x ray??


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