Keratosis Pilaris anyone?

Has anyone happened to suffer with Keratosis Pilaris as well as lupus? It is like goosebumps on the skin, caused by excess keratin. Nothing can cure it, apparently. I have never had this until end of last year when I noticed it on the lower legs. Then it spread to upper arms, top of legs, and upper chest (I find the latter most upsetting).

From reading online it seems that it is inherited but no one in my family has it. So I'm wondering whether it is somehow connected with lupus or its medication (Plaquenil in particular, as this is what I was on when this started).

Anyone has any experience with this?

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  • to b honest i hav bin to sumone about my skin i hav lupus sle n i have keratosis pilaris but i dont know nothing about it i hav only seen it on my letter so i was wondering if its connected or if its anything else to do with lupus i wonder if it connected to hughe sydrome? not sure wonder if anyone else knows

  • I think this is something that resolves itself, you can probably see dermatologist to find a good moisturizer maybe. Dry skin makes it worse. I have had this come when not paying attention to my skin, but it goes away if you keep on it. I remember my girls had it when they were young and were all scared but it went away without any attention.

    Good luck

  • It would be great if it resolves itself -apparently it goes away with age. That's probably what happened to your daughters. I'm not young anymore, though and it just came up ou of the blue. I agree with you that I have to keep the skin moisturised, I'm using Eucerin and it is so thick, yuk.

  • sometimes I get what looks like chicken skin ... ?

  • What a great description! I have that too on legs down from knees.

  • yes knees down .....

  • That's the one. Where do you have it? It is common on back of upper arms, top of the legs and buttocks, apparently.

  • do you guys have an awful feeling inside your body that you just can't describe? it's not just a tiredness it's more than that. it's just such an unwell feeling and my head feels so 'full' and confused. probably not describing things well but if you have it i know you'll know what i mean.

  • I know what you mean! It is like your whole body just wants to vomit, just feels sick.

  • Hi I have lupus and I get a little keratosis pilaris on the backs of my upper arms. I have had it for years and don't think it really has anything to do with lupus but I may be wrong. The reason I am replying is I used to be PA for a Consultant Dermatologist and he used to advise people to use something like a Buf Puf or a roughish sponge when in the shower and then moisturise afterwards. This helps the appearance and feel of it and I think the massage action helps with boosting the circulation to the area as well. I use one of the exfoliating shower sponges every time I shower and it keeps mine at bay nicely and any old moisturiser helps.

  • Thank you, that's very useful to know. I didn't mind it too much when it was on the legs and arms but now that it spread to whole arms and upper chest it is getting to me, I hate this thing, I can't believe I've got it, I never had skin problems before.

  • This is a link to the British Association of Dermatologists patient information leaflet on keratosis pilaris. Warm baths with an oil in them like Balneum, Balneum Plus or Oilatum (ask your GP to prescribe them) is always the best and easiest way to moisturise your skin, showers tend to dry skin. Obviously be very careful getting in and out though!

  • Thank you for the link. Before having lupus I was sufficiently naive to think that if I ever have anything wrong with me I only need to go to a doctor and that will sort me out, particularly nowadays with so many advances in research and technology. I'm now trending the opposite side - I don't believe that anything I get will be sorted out because doctors really don't know much, all they can do is try few things and hope for the best. So I wasn't surprised to see on the link that KP is not curable and that no one know what causes it. Great.

  • Hi purpletop,

    I have had this for years. No one in my family does. It is awful. Its on my Arms, legs, bum and hips. After many trips to numerous dermatologists and hundreds of pounds in costs, someone on a KP forum told me to try dry brushing followed by dove body serum (burgundy bottle) - note, serum not cream. Then drink udo's oil. It hasn't cleared it, but now it's no where near as bad as it used to be. I can live with it now. The key is to keep brushing, moisture internally & externally. F xx

  • How long have you been following this moisturising regimen, though? I have been using Eucerin 10% urea lotion for few months now and although it makes the skin feel softer, it didn't stop the horrible thing from advancing from being initially on the lower legs to now my inner part of my arms as well as my breasts - all that lovely soft skin ruined by this, arghhhhh. I will try the Buf-Puf and I found this cream - SP cream - that apparently works to improve hyperkeratosis. I haven't a started the SP cream yet but will do soon and I will see. Can you imagine - keratin is what our nails are made of, lizards have their skin in pointy scales of keratin, we're changing our species :)!

  • I've been doing it on and off for 7 months. My problem is that the numbs are dark, so stand out. Fine Hairs Get trapped in them. if i dont do the brushing/cream for a week, it creeps up again, getting hard bumps. I think mine would look less offensive if they were same colour as my skin. its so noticeable as its much darker. we are suffering from the overproduction of keratin, by analogy, it's like over active immune system. Let me know how you get on with kp cream xx

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