Hi has anyone got any advice on taking Echinacea?

Hi has anyone got any advice on taking Echinacea?

I was told by a self help group for rheumy problems that it helps Lupus as well.

I have been doing some research and come across a post that said people with Lupus and rheumy problems shouldn't take it!

I was hoping that some of my loopy friends out there might have some views on it?There are various types as well.

Been suffering with lots of pains in arms and legs and fatigue .

I'm on Hydroxy but must be having a flare at the moment.Luckily I'm on half term holidays!

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  • Echinacea is said to boost the immune system which is the last thing that lupies need. We need our over active systems to be supressed, the opposite in fact.

    I hope that with rest you will soon start to recover from the flare.

    Take care.

  • Thanks Jude65 that makes sense!I knew I would get some useful advice from this great site!Hope you are having a flare free time at the moment!


  • Hi, yes I have been told not to take echinacea so I wouldn't risk it. Not sure if your pain is in your joints or muscles, but try taking Glucosamine 1500mg if possible. This is once a day it is amazing for joint pain. I was recommended it by my consultant and it has made such a difference. Keep with it until you get it into your system. I get mine from Healthspan on line so much cheaper. Good luck. X

  • Once read on a website (but not seen it only any other Lupus info pages) Echinacea should NEVER be taken by people with Lupus. I tried it before I found that out & it made me feel really I'll! Yet the echinacea leaflet did not say anything about Lupus sufferers should not use it.

  • Please under no circumstances take echinachea I took it before I was diagnosed as I was feeling so run down & it accelerated my Lupus 10 fold just because things are natural doesn't make them safe,I've found out the hard way.

    Thanks Gillyg for the tip on glucosamine.

  • Echinacea & st johns wort should both be avoided by people with Lupus.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice!

  • Hi kb281 - I wouldn't take echinacea either but with my Rheumatologist's approval I am trying Omega 3, Vit D and Turmeric on top of the usual drugs he's giving me. Too soon to tell yet if they're doing any good. They say some things take up to 3 months to have an effect x

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