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Anyone had a Meniscus Tear?

I've been having knee and calf pain for about 6 months now and have just had an MRI and been told I have a Meniscus Tear in my knee. Seems fluid is leaking down into my calf which accounts for the calf pain. I am now being referred for keyhole surgery. I don't know more than that at the moment.

Has anyone any experience/knowledge of this and what the surgery and recovery time will be?

Any info would be welcome. I was only told about an hour ago (my Rheumy called at 8pm) so have yet to do any research or see the Ortho Surgeon.

FYI - I have SLE, APS, Fibromyalgia, CKD and Hyperthyroidism.

Thanks ... Nat

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Hi Nat

I've just had an MRI for a suspected lateral meniscus tear as well- yesterday. I'm due to see the orthopaedic surgeon next week for the results and treatment plan.

There is a lot of information on the internet about treatment and types of tear.

The common treatment is via an arthroscopy.

Good luck.



Hi, I had keyhole surgery 6 weeks ago for a meniscus tear which had been excruciatingly painful. I was able to walk out of the surgery virtually pain free and fully weight bear on the leg. I went back to work a week later when I felt safe to drive. 1st week some pain but rested well and did physio as directed. Still doing physio as I am having problems fully flexing the knee but not much pain. Just been told the other knee needs doing. I have SLE, Sjorgens and hypothyroidism. Good luck with the surgery it was a life changer for me.


Yes I have, had keyhole, now post 4 years and its fab. I was off work for 2 months as I do not heal very well re lupus and hypermobility but it was well worth it. Just one hint make sure you do your physio to the max to get full benefit from the surgery! Good luck x

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Hi Nat1969,

This page on the NHS Choices website has some helpful information for you -


Thanks for all your replies guys.


No operation is the same, so don't take this as it's going to be the same, but this is what happened to me. Surgeon said it's a regular routine, non-complicated procedure they do hundreds of every year, so nothing to be worried about. Under general anaesthetic, so no need to be afraid thinking you'll be awake as they stick instruments in you. I went in at 930am, and was back home by noon. My tear was not repairable, so they trimmed it away. They said it was better in terms of recovery as that meant I'd likely be off my feet for 6-8wks. Whereas had they tried repairing it, I'd be off 8-10wks and have to wear a doughnut-like brace too. I needed physio afterwards to try straighten my leg soon after because it was bandaged up and crooked after the operation. My knee has never been 100%, but they said that. After all, they've cut out some material. But I was able to play sport after a few months. It'd feel sore after playing, but that was to be expected. Good luck


had a meniscus tear and the op 2 years ago completley back to normal within 2 weeks good luck jill


Thanks Jill ... that sounds positive.


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