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Hi guys and gals. Feeling a bit sore at the moment. Since last Sunday I have fell over twice. Happily walking down a slope and my leg gave out. Fortunately or unfortunately did it in front of loads of people near to a tea van. Don't usually have sweet tea!! Grazed knee and elbow, back of thigh sore. Then blow me down Thursday while working put a sofa back into place, caught my toe under the sofa which sort of catapulted me across the room and all 6ft and 15 stone came down on my wrist and left hip. Funny thing is the wrist didn't start hurting until tea time. Glad we didn't get stopped by PC as I was driving and hubby changing gear. Turns out I had a very badly sprained wrist. Not satisfied with the hip so CT scan tomorrow...seems I have a chip and a really large purple bruise. Getting a bit fed up laying on my back. Does any one else have problems with being caught off balance?

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Hi. You are not alone. Fallen twice in last three months. Really banged and cut eyebrow on kerb and hurt my right arm on last trip. So grateful to kind young man who picked me up. ;-) Both times was on slight slope in pavement. First time right leg gave way. Second time I tripped and could not get right leg to respond to get balance back. I think am losing muscle control despite walking (though painful) most days to try to keep a teeny bit fit. Doc not much help ran a few tests and all clear apart from usual cholesterol being up! Said I need to be referred back to rheumy. Do you think yours is muscle prob, as I wondered if also neurological maybe. Will try and phone lupus nurse and see what response I get. Meanwhile am being ultra cautious as no fun sprawling across middle of road at age 58. Very embarrassing x


Sjink...thanks for your reply. Turns out I have a sliver of bone off femur...nothing to worry about! Another x-ray wanted in 2 weeks. I don't know about losing muscle control I think my is due to tendons, always giving out at the wrong time. I have just been to my rheumy. Now she says I have early stages of pulmonary fibrosis. Prescribed acetyl cysteine...it's a large pill and if I can't swallow it I am to dissolve it in water. Ye Gods!


i fell in my kitchen about 3 weeks ago and was on my floor for 2 days until my brother came up,i used to have a carer but since this goverment came in i have lost my disability,it has gone from high rate to low rate so cannot afford a carer any more, i have a buttton i wear around my neck i had it through my ot officer and council because of my falling all the time.. i don,t go out any more because i tend to fall alot.any way i can,t get up from bed sometimes with out some one to help me up


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