Are there any teenage Lupies out there?

I have Lupus and so does my best friends teenage daughter. She is feeling a bit isolated and wants to chat "teenage things" with other teenagers who understand her but without whinging about what is wrong with them today lol

I have told her about this site but was just wondering if there were any other teenagers out there wanting the same thing or whether these was any kind of site for teenagers in our position.

many thanks everyone


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  • im in exactly the same postion .. im 19 so would be nice :)

  • I'm in the same position to.... But I'm 28

  • hiya. I always felt in the same position too as i was diagnosed as a teenager - im now 33. Most of the people ive met with lupus are older and its hard to relate to them as lifestyles are very different. Message me if you fancy a chat :)

  • My son is 14 and diagnosed in Sept.He feels real isolated as has had so much time off school.Am sure he would like to chat with another teenager as we havent come across any.

  • My daughter is 20 - get in touch with me if u want to make contact.

  • 25 and male, always got called lazy at school and hated outdoor sports because of the pain it caused (that no one else believed).

    Support, not only from family but a select few close friends really helped me through up til a final diagnosis and then most of the trouble was convincing myself it was the right diagnosis (I'm sure we all know what I mean by that)


  • I'm 18 :) Very happy to chat to other teenagers! I agree about feeling isolated! xx

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