Are there any Lupies here that also have Polycystic Ovaries (POCS)?


I was hoping to find out if there are any Lupus sufferers that also have Polycystic Ovaries? Has anyone been recommended or tried Metmorfin ( also known as Glucophage) it is a drug that increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin.

It is supposed to regulate the cycle as well as help with some common side effects of POCS such as weight gain, excess hair etc.

Many thanks.

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Hi hun

I was told at 15 I have PCOS and would never have kids....I have 2 healthy children and currently pregnant all conceived without any help so If you were told that try not to worry as not necessary true.

I took metformin for a while but didnt regulate my cycles. I was diagnosed with graves disease and once that was under control my cycles were regular.

I dont take metformin anymore as I disagree with my diagnosis of pcos as the only symptoms I have are cysts all over my ovaries think I was told one ovary has 12 cysts and the other 42 and irregular cycles.

Sorry not much help to you xxx


Hi, I too was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at 18 and told my chances of conceiving natuarally were very slim. I am now 39 with 3 healthy kids, all conceived naturally!

I was put on glucophage for a while but it didn't really regulate my cycles. I didn't really suffer with excessive hair but suffered with terrible spotty skin around my chin which did improve.

Since I had my first child my cycles seemed to regulate by themselves .

Am now wondering whether it actually was PCOS or whether it was just related to my weird and wonderful lupus!!

I hope the metmorfin works for you.

Good luck. Big hugs and stay positive



Hi,I have Lupus & Polycystic Ovaries. I've not heard of metmorfin but I have been on Metformin for type 2 diabetes which often goes hand in hand with polycystic ovaries.It certainly did nothing to regulate my cycle or combat weight gain!


Thanks for your help everyone- I have just had an ovarian cyst rupture (had my ultrasound yesterday) and it was a pain I've never felt even during my worst Lupus flare. I heard about this Metmorfin and how it helps with POCS side effects so I've made an appointment to go see my GP so fingers crossed.



Hi Yasmin

I was diagnosed many years ago with PCOS and was initially put on dianette, but due to my blood pressure levels rising I was taken off it after taking it for over 2 years. I was then on nothing, my cycle was non existent, I was putting weight on no matter what I did. I came across details of Metformin via the internet and how it can help people with PCOS (even thought the drug is licenced for diabetes). I went to see my GP who referred me back to the woman's hospital, who agreed to try me out on metformin. I have now been on metformin for many years, I have lost weight and my cycle is regular as clock work every 28 days. Good luck with the GP, I hope it goes well.


I don't have pcos but due to having hashimotos and metabolic syndrome Sjorgrens and lupus my endocrinologist put me on glucophage , it's complicated as it may not regulate your periods per se but it does after your body's reaction to insulin or sugar I can't remember which , but the thing is , if I have understood correctly it helps with blood sugar which taking high amounts of pred etc canc ause your blood sugar to mess up and you gain all the extra weight it's similar with pcos the hormonal issue cuse a similar reaction but for different reasons . I. Short it should help with weight too . I did t loose exactly but all the middle belly fat went elsewhere. I lived abroad then and now I'm ack I. England the doc here won't even refer me and refuses to prescribe me metfor I. ( glucophage ) all my fat hs gone back to the middle ( which they say is the dangerous area for fat accumulation) my daughter makes repeated cysts she has auto immune issues and yet they gave her glucophage there too here they won't, so to be honest I'd go give it a shot. It gave me terrible tummy at first but it stablised . Good luck .


Hi, I have both. I was married age 20 and had periods once every 3 months. Doctors eventually referred me and I was diagnosed with pcos age 26, I was told I had less than 5% chance of conceiving after I was put on Metformin for 6 months. It didn't change my cycle at all and bloods were taken every 3/4 days. We eventually had IVF but Bernard the ICSI as well and became pregnant with twins. Who are now 7. I didn't have the classic pain with periods etc until age 20+ And I bled one every 3 months too the day.

I noticed whilst on metformin that I put a bit of weight on even though I hadn't changed eating habits.


Try Berberine (500mg 3x a day) it has better outcomes with most people for PCOS.

There have been a lot of scientific studies done on it vs Metformin and it has less side effects in long term use. I am being tested for Lupus currently and have PCOS which is how I found this feed.


Hi! So relived to find this post. I have had Lupus since 11 and have just been diagnosed with PCOS (im now 23) (of course with a whole string of other health things!!!).

So glad to find I'm not the only one. Struggling with the whole fertility issue. I'm not ovulating at all and concerned about any hormonal medication they will put me on for my PCOS will disrupt my Lupus badly which I have just finally got under control.

Living in New Zealand!


Hi yes I have both and I haven't ever taken metformin


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