Inspiration for my lunch

What're you all having today? For the past two days, I have had wholemeal krisprolls, topped with philadelphia, parma ham and tomatoes. Today, I am stuck. Looking for something easy to rustle up at work. I currently have, in my work fridge, a whole honeydew melon and 3 peppers. I need to get an addition which will also incorporate these. Suggestions on the back of a postcard? :)

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  • All fresh fruits go with melon or maybe some parma ham or cottage cheese with a cucumber dip - enjoy. I'm just getting all my menu prepped for a family bbq tomorrow :)

  • I have a jub of cold water, in which I am going to put orange slices as I don't like the texture of whole oranges, and I think I might find some wholemeal bread from somewhere. Oooohhhhh, I could put avocado or guacamole on the bread! YUM!

  • And by jub, I mean jug. Duh!

  • I have this craving at the moment for fried mushrooms on toast and beans....yum yum.... in the process i am ballooning. ... xx Uzi xx

  • I wish I liked mushrooms. To me, they are the same thing as snails (well, texture, looks, etc) and snails = yucky. I need therapy!

    I ended up having some spanish omelette, ciabatta and guacamole. Tonight, I am off for BBQ, so chicken breast and peppers for me!

  • What about some chicken with the peppers. Also have you tried sprinkling ginger powder on the melon?

  • We've had chicken pies for dinner today with new potatoes and veg, despite the heat. I enjoy salads these days, does wonders for a dry mouth :)

  • I love chicken with peppers! And chicken pie. :)

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