Inspiration for staying positive anyone !!

I am experiencing a nasty flare at the moment. I rather foolishly overdid things and am also going through quite a bit of change in my life which is pretty stressfull.

Any Lupus sufferer knows that stress can be enemy number one and it's easy to become low or depressed. I often use my (ironic) sense of humour, meditation, mantra's and positive affirmations to help get me through these trying times.

I'd love to hear what keeps other sufferers going ?

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I was going to say relaxing at Pilates helps me, walking my dog in the woods I notice that all my joints loosen and I forget about things. I haven't done meditation, would you recommend it?


Hi Jaxqueline

You've reminded me that somewhere around here I have a pilates DVD. Being out in nature is something I also really enjoy and I'm fortunate to have woodland on my doorstep.

I certainly do recommend meditation, there are different types and It can take a bit of practice. I find it very relaxing, grounding, great for maintaining self esteem, generally keeping my mind uncluttered and focussed. I have found I can even do simple meditation/relaxation techniques, like, closing my eyes and focussing on the breath, when I'm out and about. Maybe in a waiting room or 10 mins between clients when I was at work. It's like having a power nap, great way to help manage fatigue and lupus fog. There are quite a lot of books, DVD's around to get you started or you could try one out from you tube.

Just one word of caution, watch out for dodgy voices guiding the meditation or you'll only laugh your head off all the way through it. :-)


Hi Flutterby,

Sending love and best wishes and hoping your flare doesn't last too long.

Daily meditation and walking definitely helps me out, as does journaling, especially keeping a daily gratitude journal where I write at least 10 things I am grateful for each a warm bed or my loving dog etc Focus on the positive and affirmations helps me. I don't deny the other feelings, I acknowledge them but alway find a positive too. I wrote about the benefits of gratitude and optimism on my website here:

Also, another thing that really helps with my lupus is good nutrition, loving my body with what I put into it. There is a lot of evidence now for nutrition and lupus. I am just about to start writing an article for the Cambridgeshire Lupus UK newsletter on diet/lifestyle tips for lupus.....although I am a writer I still get nervous about my skills before I I am just gearing up to start the process!

Hope you feel better soon

Ani x


Hi Ani

I am not so much journaling at the moment, although I can understand why I should, but I am writing, A bit like Rolf Harris, not sure sure what it is yet, but I'm furiously pulling together anything I can find on wellbeing and Lupus and my field of recovery and mental health. There is a compelling link between the two subjects which I am sure will prove to be of interest to someone in a back corridor one day. I'm a poor academic writer, but I am told I'm a motivational one, so we'll see what happens..

Thanks for the link to your super website. I am quite envious. It must take up quite a lot of your time and energy. I left my comment there...positive of course !

I would be very interested to see your article on nutrition/lifestyle. I look forward to hearing more.



This may sound silly, but I have always loved banjo music, but have never played an instrument in my life. After so much time alone and sitting here fed up and constantly in pain, I thought what the heck. so I took up learning the Banjo, I am teaching myself from free lessons on the internet, as there are no teachers around for miles. I know it's not for everyone but it certainly takes my mind off my loneliness and my illness, It has become quite addictive and I'm not doing too bad either. Lol


I don't think it's silly at all. It is quite a skill and hats off to you for doing it and not just thinking about it, like we often do. I do love music generally and have so many favourites it's hard to choose one genre or artist. I can't play anything tho. I tell you what, you play and I'll sing. lol xx


That's a deal flutterby1, perhaps if we practice on skype or something, we could go busking Lol I think at the moment though they would pay me to stop playing LOL Your right it is a skill, apparently I have chosen one of the hardest instruments to learn, especially a I have chosen to learn Scruggs style, Three finger picking, with rolls etc. Those banjo players I used to watch always seem to make it look so easy, but oh boy it's not, but mighty good fun trying. Take care and best wishes to you my friend Trish x


Just a quick update and thanks for the positive blogs. I am pleased to say I am feeling a great deal better today and very inspired by all I've read here. Thank you again. Valx


That's great news Val, let's pray it keeps being good for you. All the best.Trishx



glad u r feeling better. just thought i'd contribute what has helped me:

i got a rescue dog 18 mths ago- 1 yr after i was diagnosed- i've always loved dogs - had a family one as a child- but with 2 teens+ very demanding career knew it wouldn't be fair on the dog 2 b alone all day- but have had to give up work & a friend has been taking me to the park + was vaguely thinking "when i feel a bit better -maybe i could get a dog...." etc when we met a guy who vbolunteers for a dog erescue org- he was fostering a dog until a home was found - of course i fell in love!! i didn't actually get that dog in the end- so i thought i'll wait a bit until i feel stronger- but he found me another one- which was an emergency rescue- so it happened so quickly i wasn't really ready- but that was probably a good thing- as i just had to get on with it- she had some health problems- so i was so busy with her i forgot about all my problems+ feeling depressed at giving up my career+ being alone all day etc etc. Anyway she is a reall delight- and altho i have not improved as much as i'd hoped- she is brilliant companion- and i have 2 go out every day so i get some exercise+fresh air- she never gets impatient with me for forgetting the thread in the conversation, she has never told me to F... off/ or what a crap parent i am, she doesn't leave STUFF everywhere that i trip up over .... etc etc

so if you like dogs then i can't suggest anything better- as you get the buzz of doing some good+ a faithful companion+ WARM - our boiler brokedown during the snow for 2 weeks last year so i spent most of the day in bed with the dog on top!



there's a website where you can type in your details/requirements + they will tell which breed would suit you- eg low exercise, no grooming, good with kids etc


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