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Had my rhumy app today, and started my steriod injections

3 monthly app today with my wounderfull consultant....shes amazing fair play we went through all my dates of sickness and pain with my lupus as my sle is now causing serousits. When i told her i have been vomiting 59 days in the last 4months she was doubfounded that i was still standing let alone still batteling to go to work, the inflamation in raging through me and shes started steriod injections..i hope they help im determind to stay possitive as possible and hope that it helps, has anyone else had this with their lupus, my muscles in my feet are even inflamed im on crutches at the mo, hairs falling out like crazy, vomiting, abdo organs all inflamed oh the joys of having lupus. It boggles my mind tho that even in a uncoman disease lupus, i seem to have a rare strain of it. Would like to find someone else in the same boat..

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When i say strain, i mean what difficulties it causes me and the condition it produces in me, no wounder every persons lupus if different as the condition my rhumy said presents differently in each person, because of the way each individuals body copes with diff things x hugs


Hi hunni! I have stomach symptoms too, nowhere near as horrendous as yours sounds but my SLE does affect my digestive system which is not pleasant! Hopefully the steroids will help and remember to keep positive and pushing through it as you seem to be doing!




Hi cass, its such a terrible thing you never know when its going to hit you do you, how are you dealing with yours.


Hi Willowwag, I have been diagnosed with lupus SLE (mixed connective tissue) as I have lung involvement and I too vomit most days I have had several tests arranged by the Gastroenterologist (consultant) and finally I was told the muscles of my esophagus have been weakened by the lupus. There is nothing to be done about it so I just learn to eat small amounts at regular intervals because the food just doesn't go into my stomach as fast as it should so the only way is up after hiccuping and belching.

I have had several admissions to hospital because I just could not stop vomiting and undigested food started to come up from my small intestine. The last admission I was vomiting blood.

I have been on 10 mg of prednisolone for two years now but was on 20mg before, unfortunately it did not help but I am thankful for the steroid because it has helped me to have an appetite and to not loose weight.

Please keep positive and don't let this thing beat you or steal your joy.

Blessings xx


Oh maureen you sound like you have been through the mill, ive suffered for 10 years like it im 36 now i wish just one day i could find a cure, its not fun having lupus is it im just thankfull to meet others like me, my consultant told me about lupus uk and was asking me yesterday did i find it helpfull i said ohhh a massive yes, its so good to know your not alone x sending you massive lupy hug


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