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Not sure about taking another prescription drug, but want to feel normal again

Going to ring the Rheumie secretary again to chase up the eye clinic to see if I can have Hydroxy, but then I look at other drugs I am already taking, bladder medication, Raynards medication and 2 x nerve pain killers. It makes me think do I want to take anything else, but I need to start feeling better.

Been ill 18 months now and my brain fog and memory are a big problem, although not helped by the drugs when I first took my Pregablin I did not know what planet I was on. This was better after about a month, but still long to have my old brain back.i no longer feel like myself.

I have a husband and two children 11 and 14, the children do try and help abit, but my husband does not. He works full time to support us, I am no longer able to work. If I ever say anything he says well you never said or I never complain about the state of the house.

I just want to be normal again and want to know what is wrong with me, MS,Lupus or am I mad or lazy.

Is this too much to ask?

Hopping the Hydroy if they say I can have it, will be some sort of wonder drug, which will give me back my life.

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Oh dear, you poor thing. We're all looking for the miraculous pill...

I do understand your anxiety about taking another drug, but maybe this will be the one. The only cautions I would add is to look at a recent blog post about eye damage (usually a very long term side effect), and not to look for an instant result - you will see a difference slowly and gradually with hydroxychloroquine I think.

Good luck!


It is known as the sort of Holy Grail drug for lupus, it reduces rashes and fatigue and makes flares less frequent and less intense. Takes a couple of months to kick in. Take one in morning and one at night and always after food. Also get brand name Plaquinil and not its cheap uncoated cousin Hydroxychloriquine. Good luckx


I think you mean Quinoric


Hydroxychloroquine takes 4 to 6 months to reach full therapeutic effect. It lessens the likelihood of flares and rashes and minimizes photosensitivity. It is not a dramatic drug. I have been on it for 10.5 years along with Cellcept (mycophenolate mofetil) to manage my lupus nephritis.


I know it is different for all of us and we all have different reactions to different drugs but, the main thing to be gained from this is if one drug does not work, get your gp to prescribe another. If you tell them of the effects (brain fog, memory etc.) you may be able to try another. I was on quinoric for five months and was worse at the end of the five months than before starting to take it. Now I am on three different type of painkillers and Azathioprine and I feel good!!! Still feel tired, but I am me again!!

If one drug does not suit after two weeks, go back to your gp and explain.

Best of lucks. There is light at the end of the tunnel with your gp's help.


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