gasping for breath

hi fellow lupies,

what ever im doing whether its household chores or walking my dogs etc im out of breath, even walking upstairs? im breathing through my mouth as my nose is bent and I can only breathe through it when im asleep and my breathing is slower.

I did have a chest infection back in febuary this year, im not asthmatic.

just curious to know why,dont want to bother gp with trivial thing, I didn't mention it to my rhuemmy as shes told me to " toughen up and put up" so I am.

any advice please? x


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11 Replies

  • "Trivial", as in "I can't breath"? You didn't tell your GP or your Rheummi? Caninecrazy, they are not going to call you and ask how your breathing is, if you are having trouble breathing I suggest you tell your doctor.

  • Hope your rhuemmy never has a breathing problem, what an attitude to take.!

    If this a long term thing I would make an appointment to see your Gp that's what they are there for if it has just come on you should go to A&E

  • bang on daisyd get to a/e now, if all ok then home later with piece of mind :)

  • I get that when a flare is up, so you ought to mention it to the rheumatologist and get her to give you something to calm it down. Say that to be alive one needs to breathe, if you can't breathe then how does she imagine you're going to be ale to live. Unbelievable!

  • Hi there

    I get this with chores or changing a duvet cover sometimes when I talk lol its a thing I have suffered with since having lupus I have told my rheumy but nothing has been followed up im told its another symptom from lupus I go to st Thomas lupus unit so I trust them on it. I think you should tell your gp to see what his outcome is for it as we are all different.

  • There could be a number reasons why you are experiencing breathlessness, some of which can be quite serious. You must get this checked out ASAP. Talk to your GP if your GP is not supportive then go to A&E. I had a rheumatologist like yours once, she didn't know very much about lupus, so she made up for her lack of knowledge by telling me that what I was experiencing was not lupus symptoms, when I knew they were. I felt very unsafe in her care so I changed my rheumatologist

  • I think your best to ask your gp about it.With me it was usually a chest infection, but I left it too long once and ended up in hospital.Cant believe your rheumy`s attitude.

  • Hi the same as Metoyou I have had this for years. I have had all sorts of tests but it s usually when my fatique sets in or fighting an infection. It is very frightening. Get checked out to rule anything else out but you may find it is part of the illness and change your consultant that is disgusting to say that to you. That comes from someone who is never ill. I have Lupus, SS and Fibromyalgia so I never know what causes what. Don't take chances. Good luck to you xx

  • I ignored it once and my husband finished up taking me to a&e, I had pluerisy! Don't mess around, please, please look after yourself, ignore the awful thing what was said and go and see your doctor or a&e straight away. Xxx hate to sound bullish but I care that someone should feel they can't approach the people that are paid to care for us! Xx

  • I would change your rheumi, you shouldn't have to put up with that.

    i once got told by a GP "that i was hopeless" because i couldn't do the tests right she wanted me to do, i don't see her know.

  • Just curious do you suffer hayfever? I do and thats the only symptom i get is breathlessness so i take antihistamines during summer! But on a more serious note it could be anything from pleurisy (had this myself) to cardiac, def get checked :) breathlessness warrants an urgent app at my medical practice!

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