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Hi everyone , Looking for support group for lupus , Sjögren’s or Arthritis 🌸


Hi everyone 🤗

Can anyone tell me if there is a support group for either lupus, sjogrens or Arthritis in either Andover, Salisbury or in between ,for any one of these diseases.

Desperately need to meet some others in same position have a chat and understand what each other is going through.

Or if anyone near those places be happy to meet up for a coffee in Costa in Solstice park services so it’s inbetween, if no group about.

As it’s a big place, easy to park and no walking like in the towns.

Mellisa 🌸

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There is a Sjogrens Support Group at Winchester Hospital, unfortunately I do not know the days or times. I guess you could ring the Rheumatology Dept and ask. I noticed it on a board when I was attending the Pain Clinic there.

Worth a try.

Thankyou so much for your reply Bluebell. I really appreciate it.

Mellisa 🌸

Hi Mellisa

I don't know of a local support group for Sjogrens. However, I am a member of BSSA British Sjogrens Syndrome Association. You could Google them and make contact via telephone. I'm sure they be happy to let u know of any groups.

When I was diagnosed, I got more help and support from BSSA and HU, than NHS medics could ever give me.

I attend a group whereby I have to travel 17 miles but the meeting up with other people suffering SS, is a real tonic! Furthermore, I know, I can pick up the phone and chat to newfound, supportive friends, (or chat line staff BSSA. I no longer feel isolated.

Good luck. X

Mellisa1066 in reply to Supul

Thankyou so much Supul ! 🤗

I will def contact them , Thankyou for the advice. You think the NHS would support us or let us know about groups like this.

I appreciate your info so much.

Mellisa 🌸

flossy1 in reply to Supul

Hi Supal. Your reply to Melissa was very informative. I’ve just been onto the BSSA web page and would like to know please if the payment of £25 is yearly or a one off? 😊 xx

Contact Lupus UK - lupusuk.orh.uk or on 01708731251. Head Office is based in Romfird , Essex & is manned by an amazing team of people who are always on hand to offer support.

Mellisa1066 in reply to HazelW

Thankyou Hazel 😊🌸

Hi Mellisa

I live in North Dorset and know that there is a lupus support group in Dorset but I’ve not attended as I just about manage my full time job and the dog and coping with what this illness chucks at me - I did contact them last year when having a flare and they were lovely , I found the number on line, it must of been easy as I was having a mare of a flare at the time, I’ve recently moved and have not found the box I keep my lupus related stuff in or I would let you have it - good luck in your quest, don’t be lonely everyone here are all supportive helpful full of knowledge and understanding and happy to listen 🌻

Mellisa1066 in reply to Anjic

Thankyou Anjic 😊🌸


Hi Mellisa1066,

Our closest lupus group to you is our Hampshire Lupus Group. I will send you a private message now with contact details for them.

Thankyou Paul 🌸

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