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Pre-menstrual mini-flare!!

Hi just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this? I am feeling very tired, my legs and abdomen are definitely swollen.

I have a constant headache and I feel like I am having a mini flare this usually occurs once a month prior to my period. I am off my pill at the moment as I am looking to get the coil fitted as nothing seems to agree with me.

so just wanted to see if there ate other women out there who experience the same symptoms and if there is anything that helps is combating it or at least soothe them somehow.

I had a check up a few weeks back with my Renal doctor as it is my kidneys that are mainly involved he said all tests seem fine and within the normal range.

Many Thanks


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If you have kidney involvement and you have swollen legs and belly please make an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible. Please don't leave this - things can go downhill very fast with kidney involvement.


ok great thank you very much- I had an appointment with my Renal Specialist only recently and all of my tests were fine I have been in remission for years but I will ring up to ask all the same.




Hi Yasmine. Yup I have this as well. Every month as regular as clockwork. My joints hurt even more than usual, I have a blinding headache, vomiting and just a general feeling of lethargy for about a week. My stomach doesn't swell though. I haven't found a cure but as I'm 48 now, I reckon my menopause is just around the corner so hopefully, I won't have to suffer anymore !! As for you, I'd try and have a talk to the g.p because its awful having to suffer like that every month. Good luck. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I got that all the time so my gp put me on the mini pill which prevents you from having a period, it's great as its one less problem! However make sure you discuss this with gp and remuy first, I'm on cerreztte 75mg ?? hope this helps good luck.


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