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I wonder if you could help, I was diagnosed in November with Lupus SLE and I think I am having my first Flare... I am on PLaquenil (400mg a day). For the last week or so I have felt so tired and wanted to sleep all of the time again and my body does not want to work properly, it hurts all over (joint pain).... Which is such a pain as I have had nothing since November. I have been promoted at work and I wonder if this has anything to do with it. My question is does anybody have any ideas as to how long a Flare may last? Also if there is anything I can take to help, I have cut down on my chores at home a bit (my poor hubby) but I really do need to be at work so cannot cut down on that. Also I have mentioned before about my body having a spotty rash all over my back which has now spread to my shoulders and chest... trouble is this rash is quite pussy too, so horrid - any ideas? I am seeing my rhuemy on June 1st which will be my second appointment but anything that may help in the meantime would be great.

Thanks all and I hope that you all have a good day!!!

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A flare can last a day to years,you seem to be doing the right things,as for the rash go along to your GP as soon as you can,it just don't sound right,and I have never heard of this type of rash,but perhaps someone else has that's what is great about this site.

All the best


Life stresses do seem to contribute to flares. So do infections as they set off the auto-immune response. Do not force yourself into work if you feel that bad, as most of us have discovered that when the body is under attack we have to rest.

Get well soon!


I am also taking 400mg of plaquenil. I find my flares can last for a day or so to months at a time. I have found that when I do too much (by lupus standards) I flare with similar to what you are describing and then can go on to a chest infection. However, I too get rashes but not like how you are describing. I think you should make an appointment to see your GP. If you are feeling bad don't go into work or if you do and feel awful when you are there go home. It is hard but your body needs to rest. Take care.


hello kellyleg

Im too having a flare which has been building up for the last 4 days and today can t walk very far knees are very painful and leg muscles ache so much i don't know what to do with them, put my feet up or walk around.

it is so frustrating as my day is now wasted and sitting in front of tv or reading is about all i can do,hope things improve tommorrow and i can get out for a while.

my last big flare like this happened for me in january and that one lasted a good 5 days but each day got better after the flare peeked.

i don t have the facial rash but do have flushed cheeks (thankgod because i hate the rash)

everyone is different all you can do is go by your own experience and learn to see the signs of a flare i always start my flare with flu like symptons first.

take care

debs xx


might also be worth contacting your rheumy sec for an earlier review to try and nip this flare in its tracks,

take care


Sorry to be so late in responding, but you may still be going through it!

Originally my flares were quite short - about 5 days. When I described how I felt to my Rheumatologist on one visit he pointed out that I had been going through a flare for about 12 months. I would have said that my Lupus had just got much worse. The thing about it being a flare is that it can improve!!

He also gave me a steroid injection that really helped for well over a month, so it can be worth a phone call to your specialist.

Hope you are feeling better by now



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