Lupus and pre-menstrual flares


Just wanted to say I have written a short blog post on my website regarding lupus and premenstrual flares

I often get quite ill, with fevers and intense joint pain, for the 4 days before my period and I wanted to find out if there was any research in the area. Apparently it is very common to have pre-menstrual flares. I've become used to it now after 10 years. For me it helps to know these things as it means I can plan more - and make sure that I have nothing high-pressure or stressful in my diary at that time. I think this kind of knowledge is empowering and helps me to get the best out of my life.

All the best

Ani x

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  • it is a known fact that changes in hormones can affect the path of lupus ... hence when pregnant the disease can go into a dormant state or indeed that is when it will be diagnosed. What is commonplace for one person may not be for another, that is how individual lupus can be.

  • It's good to know that other people are experiencing the same thing as me,hoorah,I'm not going mad!!!!

    Am pre-menstrual at the moment and the fatigue/foggy brain/joint pain are so much worse. My partner is keeping well out of the way!!!!!!

  • are definitely not alone!! When I am premenstrual I stay very quiet and keep to myself a lot. I always let my husband know and he tends to be much more 'gentle' in the 4 days before my period....he understands why I keep myself quiet and knows that it means I am in pain. For me, knowing that it passes by in 4-5 days helps me to stay positive.

    I hope that you feel better in a few days time

    Sending hugs

    Ani x

  • Hi... Yes I always get a flare each month for the few days before and during my period. I have found that taking a few drops of Agnus Castus every morning in water has helped to stabalise my moods and nervous system so that emotionally I am better able to deal with it. I wouldn't recommend taking herbs unless you've visited a trained herbalist first though -and discussed it with the rheumatologist. Like you, it also helps to tell my husband (and kids) so they can be extra gentle with me at that time!!!

  • Good to hear that I'm not imagining it. My consultant has put me on a constant course of the mini pill to see if stopping my periods altogether makes a difference. I've done one month but he reckons it will take three to kick in. Will keep you posted. One question I had was that I have heard that symptoms improve after the menopause, I am 46, how will I know when I have the menopause? Answer was - I probably won't.


  • Hi Jax

    I too am looking forward to the menopause (!) as I am hoping that monthly spike of fever and sweats, joint ache and mood swings will disapate. I was at my wits end so my GP prescibed a low dose of anti-depressants to take the edge of it. For me this has worked but like you am hoping for menopausal relief!!!!



  • I have felt like i feel worse when iam on my period i feel so sore and very tired and just feel like doing nothing and my moods change fast. I thought it was just me.

  • hi i too suffer with lupus flares around my menstrual cycle every single month with increased fatigue and joint pain yet when i mentioned this to my gp he totally dismissed it and said there is no evidence of any links to flares around menstrual cycles !!!!!!!!!!!! erm duh !!!!!!!! was i myself not evidence enough sat in front of him describing the link to him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but hey what do i know i only have to live with this illness every single solitary day of my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There are definatly links to hormones and Lupus Flares ... I suggest you get another GP or all of us on here go visit him lolol ...

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