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Still smiling :-)

So I had to change my rheumy appointment as I had to have an operation. It turns out I have breast cancer, and with my huge family history of breast cancer plus the type of cancer they've found in me, the surgeon is recommending a preventative bilateral mastectomy. I hope I look as good as Angelina Jolie afterwards! Such fun!

I think the Lupus is contributing to how tired and weak I feel following my recent surgery. It's been just over two weeks and I still feel absolutely knackered all the time - even more so than usual. My aches and pains are as bad as ever so I seem to be living on co-dydramol.

But I'm not downhearted! I feel very lucky that I'm being well looked after at the breast unit, and it's all been caught early as I have yearly mammograms. I go to the rheumy on 5th June so am praying they might be able to do something to help me with the Lupus. And this site keeps me smiling.

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Hi Chicklette!

Absolutely gutted to hear you found out that you have breast cancer on top of everything else!

However you sounds as if you are feeling very positive and supported throughout your treatment which I'm so pleased to hear!

Hope Rheumy will be able to do something about your tiredness however as you don't need have to deal with that too.

Keep in touch as with us as you're gonna need lots of tlc and support over the next few months.

Will be thinking of you and really hope you start feeling better soon

Sending big hugs



What an inspiration you are to all of us, take care and a speedy recovery, stay as positive as you are, and carry on being an example to everybody . xxx


Sending you lots of strength and a big hug, take care. We are all here for youxx


Thank you all - such kind coments! I will try to stay positive, but as you all know, it's when the tiredness hits that positiviy flies out the window.....

Lots of spoons needed right now - I seem to have mislaid my supply! xxxx


Wow you sound extremely brave and should be very proud of yourself. I'm sad to hear your news and hope that you have lots of support around you.

Keep us updated and good luck xxxxx



I am so sorry you are going through all this, 3 years ago this month I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a ratical mastectomy and I don't think I have ever recovered 100%. I am 45 now and breast cancer does NOT run in my family. The oncologist said to me I was a very unlucky person (no S#'T) was all I could say before I burst out laughing. I stay positive and make jokes and people think I am a bit odd, to tell you the truth I have cried so may tears with everything there are no more tears to shed. Utilise your support network because you will need them to get strength from and they will help you get through the tough times you will be facing. Please feel free to message me at any time, it is always nice to know your not alone!

Take Care

Stacie XX


Thank you Stacie and I'm sorry to hear what you've been through. In a way I've been waiting for something like this as most of the women on my side of the family seem to get breast cancer at some stage. The cancer I have gives me a 50% chance of getting it again, so I can now see that a preventative mastectomy is a sensible precaution. To be honest I think I am really lucky as I have yearly mammograms because of my family history, so this has been caught really early, and if I have the surgery I won't have to worry about it coming back.

People seem to expect me to be upset and worried, but I genuinely am not. Obviously I'm not looking forward to more surgery, as these days (since getting Lupus) it takes so long to recover from anything, and I'm still nowhere near 'normal' more than 2 weeks since my last operation.

Keep smiling Stacie. At least you've had the op and will get stronger in time. Cancer is a wicked illness, as is Lupus. But we're strong enough to overcome it and count our blessings.

Nicolette xx


Hi Chicklette glad to see you are still smiling :))

I know where you are coming from because I had a radical mastectomy, gland clearance & my chest wall taken away in 2004, followed by 8 months of chemo, coupled with the sle, fibromyliga, antiphos....... You feel as if you will never get your life back, but take it from me you do, it might seem slow at times but hang on in because when it does I'm sure you will grab it with both hands & enjoy!! Hold on in & try and keep strong.

Excuse my terrible spelling I've been left with a chemo brain ... Well thats my excuse.

Take care Emily x


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