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Something to make all Lupies smile.

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When I was at my local Bannatynes Health club recently one of the ladies recommended a class which starts at 8am. When I told her I wasn’t good at getting up early to get to such an early class because I have Lupus, she replied, “Is Lupus your dog?” 🤦‍♀️ 🥴

Has anybody else had such daft comments made to them?

This shows how important it is to raise Lupus awareness!

I’ll certainly be taking Lupus on my walk next week around Derwentwater! 😉🐺


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Haha! Reading this while lying in bed trying to pull myself together. The thought of any class at 8am fills me with horror.

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I totally agree! I don’t get up until 8.00 - 8.30 as any earlier would make me feel rotten for the rest of the day. The earliest class I do at Bannatynes starts at 10.15 am and the other 2 are 10.35. Just right for me ☺️ and Lupus 🐺 😉

Hysterical! 😁😆 And daft!

P x

😹 I have a wolf called lupus!! 🐺It's definitely NOT a dog 🐕!! Oh my this has made me 😹😹 thank u for sharing spotty!! That's gonna keep me going for a good while xx

Haha! I know that wolf too Krazykat! 🐺 I hope Lupus behaves itself when I take it on that challenging walk with me next week! 🤞 I hope it doesn’t decide to attack me! 😲🙅‍♀️ Hopefully the steroids will keep the wolf under control! 🤺. Spotty x

Wonderful!! X

I’m a fitness instructor. I have to get up at 5am on a Monday morning to walk the dog (not called Lupus) to be in work for 6.15 to teach a HIIT class at 6.45am!

It’s slowly killing me, but I’ve managed it for nearly two years. Just work Monday early 6- 2 and Wednesday lates 2- 10pm normally.

Love my job when I’m there, but no-one understands how hard it is to do with this disease. During the summer whilst everyone else is on holiday I work five days a week. So pleased to be back to two days!

Hi Alice,

I take my hat off to you working those hours even when only two days per week! 💪

I was only diagnosed 6 years ago at 58 despite having it since puberty. If you are anything like me you’ll look well with rosy cheeks during a flare and nobody understands how rotten you feel. I had that all my working life of course not understanding myself why I felt so ill with migraines, nausea and debilitating fatigue. One boss told me that if she didn’t know me as well as she did she’d have thought I was coming it when I told her how ill I felt and asked if I could leave work early one day.

I lost 2 babies at 20 weeks and 22 weeks, and my gall bladder (which was ulcerated) during my 20s and nobody had a clue why. Kidney infections and recurring UTIs plagued me all my life but luckily now the Hydroxychloroquine has helped enormously, and a prophylactic natibiotic keeps the kidney in check. 🤞

If you have any tips for old Lupies like me on how to keep fit without stressing the body let me know. At present I walk as much as I can and also do a Body Balance class twice per week (mixture of Tai chi, Yoga and Pilates) and a Young at Heart aerobics class once per week.

You look after yourself and please don’t overdo it!

With admiration and best wishes,

Spotty 🤗


I’m 51 yrs old and have been in the fitness industry for about twenty years. I’ve worked part time whilst bringing up the children and then been diagnosed about five years ago and worked out I can’t work full time in this industry due to the shifts of 6-2 or 2-10 and teaching classes!

I think classes like body balance, yoga, Pilates are the way to go with long term illnesses like ours. Where many instructors advocate continuous progression and pushing yourself to do more each time, I believe those with long term illnesses need to think of it as much more maintaining what you already have.

Other exercises that helps to stay fit and healthy without being too demanding include swimming, walking and moderate cycling. I even adopted an older dog to encourage me to get out and walk, even on the miserable days!

Keep doing what you are doing, as much as you can.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement Alice. 👍🏻 I just walked 10 miles on Thursday around Derwentwater to raise awareness and money for Lupus UK. I was SO lucky with the weather which was cloudy and cool so ideal for Lupies. Still resting at the moment (well I am 64!) but will keep up the walking. Sounds like you are doing all the right things too. We’ll have to keep going as long as we can! 🥰


:-) I drag lupus to a mindfulness class at 8am on a Wednesday. Each week lupus tries to fight me

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😆Love it!

This has just made me LOL 😝

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