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SMILE - it helps!

Hello everyone

I have been close friends with Lupus for almost 30 years; since I was 15. It went undiagnosed until I was 29 when I thought I was becoming a hypochondriac or at least someone who was borderline Munchausens!! At the grand old age of 44, I have had thyroid cancer, a 25 week gestation baby (who is an absolutely fine 15yr old now) have antiphospholipid syndrome, reynauds, vasculitis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar osteoarthritis, awaiting surgery for two new knees, fibromyalgia, etc.., etc...etc...

But, I work so hard at pretending that I am fine, that for most of the time it works and I really actually do forget !!

I t may sound a bit corny but smiling really does help! Laughter really is the best medicine!!

TRY IT!!!!


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Hi Helsbels

I can not begin to figure out what etc etc etc is, after all that you have wrong with you that you can still keep smiling, you must be a very strong lady. I do agree that smiling and laughter is one of the best meds. Take care x :)


I agree. Keep smiling :-)


I couldnt agree m,ore huni. My sister was diagnosed with MS roughly 27 yrs ago and she practically gave up on life. She actually wanted me to help her die as she was in so much pain and had lost her independance totally.

I swore to myself back then that if i was ever unlucky enough to be in the same situation that i would deal with it differently. and luckily or unluckily as the case may be I have managed that to the best of my ability. I make fun of myself, my inability to remember the simplest things, the fact that my body does not work as it should do and like you, it has worked wonders for me. YES i have had some real bad times....YES i have found life hard, but somehow even when the chips are down i see the funny side of it and after a while it becomes second nature

i totally guarantee this way of thinking and behaving too

God Bless and may all you days be as happy as possible xxxxx


Thanks Mandie! Your way is my way!

Happiness sees you through sadness!

Hels xx


Hiya all, I have to agree with you all, I use humour and laugh at what I get wrong, if my Grandaughter says something wrong or does something wrong she says "oh, I'm having a nanny day today" !

My Doctor, sits back in his chair and makes himself comfortable, and tells me I am a tonic, cos I always make him laugh. He told my husband last week he loves it when I go to see him, I make his day!!!! I guess if I can still bring a bit of laughter then lifes not so bad :)

Have a good day everyone :) take care, Mandy x


Ha Pollyanna,

you made me smile too reading your blog, and I can also have that effect on people that also then increases my feel good factor, so its a win win situatiion and also let us all NEVER forget that there are sooooo many people in a far far worse situation than ourselves!!! That keeps me going too.

Thnax Hels for your comment too and much like the rest of us Lupies, I wish everyone a wonderful day with little pain but lots of giggles along the way xxx


Ha ha glad I made you smile :) Hope you had a good x


Couldnt agree more Helen :) They say laughter is the best medicine and it certainly does help....It helps me to relax too, that cant be bad xxx


You gotta love this thread.


and the people sewing their smiles and giggles along the way!


well my friends.......we are all LUUPIE after all so we may as well laugh if nothing else it will make people wonder what we all been up to lol xx


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