On top of everything else, waiting for gallstone treatment

Awaiting results from first appointment with rhuematologist on Monday then was sent by GP for an emergency scan to find I have gallstones along with letter to say I have to go for a smear test every 6 months now,( had treatment but had poor result last time again!) All in one week! Now in bed as I'm feeling dizzy due to pain killers, feeling sorry for myself and very fed up. Sorry to moan, hate being a whinge but feel this is the only place I can do it. :( has anyone else had gallstone problems, never been over weight, don't have high cholesterol either.

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  • Hi ..Its good to have a moan...especially when you are having a bad time..Sorry I havent had gallstones so cant help with that but did want to say I hope you feel better soon..take care Redfive

  • Hi hun, yes i can say i have also been there with the gallstones, mine was 10years ago now where i had such awfull pain, they did a scan and found what they described as a purse full of change in the gallbladder, had the thing removed then, 10 years went by and still suffered what i was thinking was the gallstone pain, they then discovered i have lupus sle and im told that this pain is due to organ inflamation and im on treatment. Good luck with the gallstones i had mine removed by key hole, xxx let us know how you get on. Xx

  • Thank you both for your support, feeling a bit brighter this evening. Just relieved I have found this site, just by chance. It has been really good knowing that there are others who are caring and understand. X

  • We are all in the same boat hunnie, we are all here to support and the peeps on here i have found to be amazing and so helpfull xx keep us posted

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