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Waiting on bloods

Hi. I'm not sure what to write so I will start from the beginning. Over a year ago I started to feel off. Dizzy aches fatigue and just like I couldn't get rid of somthing. Had numerous tests. Low b12 came up. Was on jabs and some things went away , I regained my balance some energy returned and vertigo had gone

things seemed fine for a while but I still had the niggle somthing was not right. 

Now I feel weak and tired I mean seriously tired. (Maybe because I feel a tad anxious and depressed from what's happening) my muscles are weak and I have tremors (internally and physical) my hair is thinner I have the biggest dark circles around my eyes, I look terrible (29 years old) look 80

recently I have developed hives stated on my stomach and move around my body (arms hands chest) I woke up last week with swollen hands and some pain on moving them I had hives on them too.

took myself to hospital as it was good Friday and gp was shut.. (antihistamines don't work )

doc there said my stories of symptoms and my swollen hands looks and sounds like a typical lupus story.. just had an ana dna rhp fbc b12 esr crp tests today.. awaiting my results. But I was thinking back to the things I had ignored like how my ankle joint would hurt for 10 miss then go away or how my arm has had what I describe as growing pains radiating down it on and off for 2 years.. I'm just worried sick really as I have 3 small children and I'm praying to god I don't have lupus. I had a crp and esr test a couple months back and it was normal so I'm confused . This morning I had pain in my finger at the joint with some swelling and raised hives.. am I right in thinking that lupus produces a proper rash that stays and not hives that swell and move. They've gone down now .. I'm just thinking maybe it's a reaction as I don't have the face rash or major joint pain. Thsee hives started after a had a mild stomach bug 5 weeks ago

 Thanks for reading and I would love to hear what you think

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Hi mullane_s86,

Some people with lupus experience severe rashes, others relatively mild ones that respond to medications. The signs and symptoms of lupus can differ from person to person and the severity of signs such as a rash can be varied. The skin is involved in about two-thirds of people with lupus. Only about a third develop the classic 'butterfly' rash over the bridge of the nose and cheeks.

Do you know when to expect the results from your recent tests?

If you would like more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at


Hi I'm due to go on holiday to the carribean on Monday so I'm assuming I will have them before I go as I stressed to my gp that I would like an indication because I will be in the sun. Can I ask. The bloods I have had done, if they come back fine does that mean I don't have lupus? And if they come back positive (which ones would indicate it could be lupus) and what does the d-dna test detect. Thanks for your reply. 


Blood tests are never 100% accurate, so if they come back negative it doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have lupus, but it would provide evidence suggesting that something else may be the cause of your symptoms. If you get positive results then they will provide evidence for a lupus diagnosis when combined with your symptoms. More information about the blood tests used in the diagnosis of lupus and what they detect can be found in our factsheet, 'Lupus: The Symptoms and Diagnosis' at


My results are...

esr.. 8mm/h   <15

crp..3.6mg/l  <10

rf <20 iu/ml  <30

and <0.2AI <0.9

ddna 1 iu/ml <13.9

doc said all normal.. but my wbc is 11.2  (range is under 11)and neutrophils is 8.3..(range is 7.5) he said it's high but not too high which indicates an infection maybe that's why I've had the swelling and rashes. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm not good at reading bloods. 


Hi mullane_s86,

I'm afraid we are not medically trained here so we cannot interpret your blood test results for you. If you are satisfied that infection may be the cause of your symptoms and these test results, then you may wish to just return to your doctor if the symptoms persist or if new ones develop. If you are concerned that something more is going on then you could request a second opinion. 


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