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Please help me find some financial support

Hi this is my first post and im new at all this! i was diagnosed with lupus 11 years ago and always tried to work part time but three years ago the pain got to much and i had to give up ive claimed emploment and support allowance but this year after an assement ive been told i can no longer claim it because on good days im able to do all the exersises in the test but every lupus sufferer knows that we have more bad days than good one is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction to where i can get some financial support.

many thanks Clare

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Hi Clare - the best people to help you are here: There is a small joining fee but they're pretty brilliant. Lupus UK can help too if you're a member. Otherwise there's Citizens Advice. However, I must say the best evidence you can provide with which to overturn an unfair decision is an Occupational Therapy Report. If your consultant won't or can't refer you to one for assessment via the NHS, it's worth the outlay to commission one privately. Hope that helps! Good luck.


Benefitandworks web site can help you with an appeal. Hope all gose well for you. Hang in there.


Contact your local council and see if the adult services section have a welfare benefits advisor. They will arrange to come to your home and chat about all your options available to you. They will even help you with amy forms and, if need be, appeal on your behalf. It Is a free service and stress free! And they do all the work for you!


Hello, i have found a page on facebook that seems to give good advice... 'fightback'

all my best, i reckon most of us will be going through this soon enough.. let us know how you get on!! x


Have you applied for DLA???



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