Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain

Hi, I had a couple of good days(well good for me) although still got joint pain. though, now l am payng for it. I have extreme muscle pain in my legs the muscles at the top of my legs at the back, Cant sit down as its so painful, can anyone tell me if they have had this. Had the worse Migraine of all time yesterday. I really thought for once l was getting somewhere, but no back to square one again, Sorry if i am moaning just get so fed up of trying to keep up with this illness. One step forward and three back Thanks for listening just needed to let of steam ..

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  • Muscle pain can be so bad that no one understand, i have just goneback to work after one and half years and i was getting a lot of pain in my joints, i just take pain killers two times a day, when i get back from work i rest as much as possiable which helps.

  • Lucy-May, what you just explained happened to me last week. In addition, just the week before that I had such bad fatigue that I literally was unable to leave the house. The pain in my legs, especially Tibia and my hips left me crying like a little baby. I was in such miserable state that I was telling my hubby that I wanted to have my legs amputated. May I add that this pain did not change despite taking Tramadol, Diclofenac, Aspirin and Paracetamol. What worked for me was to have a warm shower, sitting down and then my husband had to gently rub my lower legs with Voltarol gel. It did not make the pain go away totally. However, it made it more bearable. When it comes to the migraine the only thing, working is Imigran nasal spray. If it works for you, then make sure to get it on a repeat prescription from your GP. In addition, trust me you are so not moaning. All of us are going through this and it feels good to get support from people who really, really understand you. Remember you are not alone. xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply, it was so helpful, and nice to know there are other people like yourself willing to offer advice, it made me feel l am not going mad, knowing l wanted to amputate my legs. Thanks for the tip for Imigran will give this a try, sometimes l need to write a blog to get it out of my system,as l had no one at hand to moan to. And when you read it a few days later, l realise l was just feeling sorry for my self.But thanks again.

  • Hi Lucy-May

    I had very painful muscle at the tops of my legs could hardley walk my husband had to pull me out of the chair in the evening to go to bed, no amount of pain killers did any good. It's not good hang on in there hope your better soon.

  • My rheumatologist explained to me that prednisone causes muscle wasting specifially of the thigh muscles, including those that wrap around the hips, and the muscles of the upper arms. These are called "proximal muscles" because they are the muscles closer to the trunk in the legs and arms. The process is called "proximal muscle weakness".

    lucy-may, Belle75 and bettie, you all mentioned muscles in hip and thigh area. Maybe this soreness is caused by using muscles that have been weakened by taking steroids? I was told the solution is frequent light exercise of these muscles. I tried it and was left in terrible pain afterward. I really don't know what a practical soultion to this problem would be if the light, controlled exercise hurts so much I can hardly stand to do it!

  • I'm suffering with these problems too at the moment and have just had a good moan on my blog! I personally feel winter time with the cold and damp always make us feel worse than ever. I'm using a Tens machine with medication at the moment which does help. They're not too expensive anymore either. Hope this helps. x

  • I also having problems with leg muscles and never thought of using tens machine, so will bear that in mind. I also have great pain in both wrists and ankles which swell up a lot.have been given wrist supports which eases a bit but use with co-dydramol at times up to 8 a day.

    Words of comfort, it seems as if there are far more people out there who are having same type of problems, it really does help. x

  • Thank you to everyone for all your replies to my blog, it was so helpful the information you gave to me, And so very nice to know you are not alone, and that others know what your pain feels like. Thanks everyone. x

  • Hi :)

    I have this .. my Rheuma has put it down to Fibromyalgia ... My muscles go into spasm and even with Physio there is no relief .. My physio has said i need a gentle exercise class but the only one clashes with picking my child up from school .. Cant take anti inflammatories as they make me ill ... all the GP can do is give me gel .. and I have to near cover every muscle especially the larger ones ... but i cant use that because my skin flares up badly sometimes and it burns ... look up Fibromyalgia Symptoms ... Many Lupus sufferers have this as a secondary symptom along with other problems :/ -x-

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