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Chemo.3 and some good news !

Bruce managed to get his blood results back to normal after once again ignoring my continual nagging to eat in week 1.

His xray results from chemo 2 show that his lung which was full of fluid is now one third clear and that his tumour has shrunk clearing his airway. He can now sleep on his left side and though weary his breathlessness and cough is much better.Early days I know but our consultant was very encouraging.

We were also pleased to be given an extra week before the next session so Bruce can hopefully enjoy Christmas.

Wishing everyone all the best for the holiday season .

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Excellent news. Keep it up. Now you can have a great Christmas. :)

Bill x


That is good news jaynerebecca.Wishing you and Bruce a peaceful, enjoyable Christmas.

Take care.

Love Sandra x


Hi jaynerebecca, that is such good news for Bruce and yourself. Keep it up! Wishing you both a Great Christmas. Enjoy!

Take care,

Georgie x


Great news, so good to hear.

Wishing you and Bruce all the best

Lyn x


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