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Sharing my good news

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I had my first CT  scan after having surgery for  lung  cancer in both lungs last year, saw the consultant today and the good news is there is no sign of cancer, I feel so lucky, I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after worrying about the results for weeks, I am now going to enjoy the summer ( if we get one ) as when the sun was shining last year I was either in hospital or having chemo, I  have another check up in three months but   for now I am just going to enjoy the moment, hope you are all as well as can be, best wishes to everyone.

Margaret x 

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Brilliant news Margaret !! as you said, enjoy the moment and have lovely summer ! ☺

Take care

Julie xxx

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littlenanny in reply to Jules-55

Thanks Julie, hope you are keeping well and you also have a lovely summer.

Take care

Margaret xx

Good News long may you continue to be clear Jeaniex

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littlenanny in reply to jojeanbi

Thanks Jeanie x

Good news great tp here.

Best wishes 


Thanks Hoggy

take care x

Great to hear that it should read x

That is great news. Lets hope the summer is a good one.

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littlenanny in reply to Tina60

Lets hope so, thanks Tina. x

Hi Margaret,

                    That is the best news that you could have been given,enjoy the lovely weather this week and the summer when it comes. 



Yes its good to get good news, we all need some, you enjoy the weather too. x

Brilliant news, it is hard to describe the feeling you have when you hear those wonderful words 'No cancer'

Anne xx

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littlenanny in reply to Anniecat

 Hi Anne, yes its a good feeling,

you take care x


Hi Margaret,

All of the team at Roy Castle at thrilled to hear your good news.

With warmest wishes

Thank you, this is such a great site were we can all. share good and bad news  and everyone is so helpful and friendly

Enjoy your long awaited freedom.   great news. xx

Thanks Jilly x

How wonderful. Enjoy life xx

 Thanks I will do do my best. x

really pleased may you go from strength to strength nice to know it is possible to beat this dreaded disease x

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littlenanny in reply to sue2428


you take care x

Great news. xx

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littlenanny in reply to Deb1801

Yes, its made me  a bit more positive,

  you take care x

Such good news! Really pleased for you. Enjoy this sunshine. Katherine x

Thanks Katherine, x

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