Hi all , but if a random strange question here, can u eat custard while having chemo? We saw dads chemo nurse yesterday and she went through a load of food not to eat, Stilton, rare meat runny eggs etc all pretty much like being pregnant I thought! Anyway dad really likes his puddings with custard but due to the egg in it he is now wondering if he's aloud it or not? Bit of a small thing but it seems to be the small things that r playing on his mind!! Told u all it was rather random ha!! Best wishes to u all

Yvonne xx

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  • Hi Yvonne

    I'm not sure about the official info on this, but my husband is on chemo and eats custard (tinned, ready made) with no adverse effects and thoroughly enjoys it!! Call your chemo nurse to check though.

    Rachel xx

  • Yes that's the sort my dad likes, I mentioned calling chemo nurse but I think he thinks he will be bothering them with a bit of a daft question , bless him! Thanks for your reply

    Yvonne xx

  • I never had restrictions, but due to side effects ate bland foods, nothing to rich or spicy.

    Dr gave me a list of things to try to eat to ease nausea etc. But if you don't have appetite, you will want high protein calories , boost ice cream rice, potatoes or what I could eat with no upset.. Your taste buds may change too..mine did depends on medication used..hope it helped some though Dr should have answers for you.. Stay Strong. Keep updating. M M

  • Thanks merilee, yes the nurse did say his taste for things may change, guess it's just a waiting game to see how he deals with it

    Thanks for your reply

    Yvonne xx

  • Yes everyone is different and different medications and combination,s will effect if and what side effects there are or not. Staying hydrated is so very important, my first chemo was.rough I couldn't keep nothing down and became very dehydrated and ended up in hospital for a week..

    So just keep on top of it, with nausea meds etc...wishing the best of luck..M M

  • Proper custard is thickened with raw egg yolks!

  • Proper custard is made with raw egg yolks!

  • Oh i make mine differently it gets cooked after the egg yolks are added.

  • Yvonne, Dad used to go for custard with his puddings but now prefers ice cream :-)

  • Hi Yvonne

    Chemotherapy can cause a loss of appetite, therefore eating little and often rather than trying to eat larger meals can help with keeping a good intake. Regarding the custard I'm sure it would be the raw egg that should be avoided. Tinned custard would be fine as long as there is no raw ingredient in it and if it is something your dad likes then it has a good calorie intake.

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