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Hi everybody

I saw the oncologist yesterday for my 3 monthly MRI scan results and the swelling in my brain has gone!. He doesnt know why it came in the first place as it was over a year since i had the stereotactic treatment. But it has gone. I had continuing 500 mcg steroids via the gp but the onc. said i didn't need to continue them as your body produces steroid if i got that right.

My April scan showed a lot of oedema but now nothing. The other side had a small tumour and that is still slightly there but now dead. I am hoping this isnt a fluke and my next 3 month scan shows the same resuts then I will be happier. News still sinking in for hubby and me but I never count my chickens yet.

Good luck to everyone else and keep optimistic you never know.

Best wishes


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  • Hello Hoggy, pleased to hear this good news, enjoy the rest of the summer

    Best wishes Roy Castle Helpline

  • That sounds like great news Hoggy. Really pleased to hear it and hope you enjoy the rest of the summer xx

  • Really pleased for you, that's very positive news. So happy for you x

  • That,s great news Hoggy and so good to hear, keep smiling.

    Margaret x

  • Brilliant news Hoggy thrilled for you

    Anne x

  • Good news x

  • so pleased to hear your good news long may it continue wishing you and your family a very happy summer x

  • So pleased that you've had good news Hoggy :) With so many negative story's it's great to have such wonderful news. Have a great summer x


  • Hi Hoggy, such great news will keep my fingers crossed and prayers coming your way.

    lots of love


  • Fantastic news Hoggy so pleased for you xxx wishing you all the good stuff 🍸🍷✊xx

  • Hi like everything you added!

  • There's a few waiting for you if you're ever up my way hun 🍷🍸🍻🍹🍷😘

  • What great news! Have a lovely summer x

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