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Cancer and Me (Etc)

I've never written a blog before, so please bear with me.

On the 19th December last, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and non small lung cancer , both completely separate types. I was 71 years of age at this time, very fit, I thought and healthy. No thoughts of cancer.

On the 12th January, 2012, I underwent keyhole surgery to remove the cancer from my bowl, together with a section of diverticulitis. I was released from hospital within 3 days and began a quick recovery. On the 12th February, I underwent a further operation to remove part of my left lung, but the surgeon found that the cancer had spread into the bronchus and this necessitated the removal of the full lung. Fortunately, the cancer was not found in the lymph nodes or elsewhere and was staged at T2 N0. As everything had gone well, I was released from hospital within 6 days of the operation. I very quickly started to feel quite well, apart from a shortage of breath.

Arrangements were made following the operations for me to receive adjuvant chemotherapy; this to consist of 4 sessions, each over a 3 week period. Following two full sessions, I was re-admitted to hospital suffering from an internal bleeding. After a few days, this ceased and I was discharged from hospital with no treatment being deemed necessary. In fact the source of bleeding could not be determined at this time. The third round of chemotherapy was then administered. On the 2nd June, a further internal bleed meant another hospital stay and later that day an emergency operation as I was losing large amounts of blood. The bleeding was found to be in the bowel at a point where it was suspected there was thickening of the bowel wall, due to Crohn’s disease. This in turn had affected a nearby main artery and caused it to bleed. Eight units of blood transfusion was received and I ended up with a stoma for company. It is thought that the chemotherapy may have been responsible for the bleeding, but this is not conclusive.

At this stage the oncologist decided not to pursue the last course of chemotherapy. Boy, was I pleased!

The last operation, which was open surgery, caused some of my bowel to be removed which controls the intrinsic exchange of vitamin B12 into the bloodstream. As a result of this, I have received 5 injections, one every other day, and will probably have to have a booster injection every three months from now.

In spite of all the above, I have remained positive and can see that the future can hold some excitement and pleasure.


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Hi there.

Welcome to HealthUnlocked!

Sounds like you've been through the mill, but glad to hear you've come out okay. It's always good to hear good-news stories.

Keep well,



Hi David,

You have certainly been through a lot! But it's good to hear that you have remained positive throughout all of this.

We do like to hear good news on hear. As Bill has also mentioned.

Take care,



Hi David,

you have had one heck of a year so far. So pleased to hear that you are doing well and are remaining positive. keep on writting the blogs and letting us know how you are getting on.

wishing you all the best



Hello David, you are an inspiration to us all. So wonderful that you can remain so positive, my thoughts and good wishes are with you.



Hi Bill, Georgina, Lyn and Lulla,

Thank you for your kind comments.

I did miss out one very important aspect in the above scenario; when I had my lung removed, I basically lost my voice, except for a whisper and it's still like that at the moment. To rectify the matter means having another general anaesthetic and what is called a Radiesse injection into the vocal chords. As there is a possibility that the nerve which was removed with the lung can come back of its own accord within a year, the first injection would only be temporary, lasting for just a few months. It would then be possible to have a permanent injection should the nerve not return.

I'm thinking this one over at the moment, although it is a bit of an incumbrance only being able to whisper in conversations.



Hello David, Just to let you know that I am a Crohn's Disease sufferer - have been for nearly 28 years. I was diagnosed at the beginning of April with NSCLC and have undergone radical treatment - still waiting for results! It sounds as though you have had to same part of bowel removed as me, to date I have never had to have B12 shots, just lucky I guess. If you are interested in support for your Crohn's you can contact Crohn's & Colitis UK, 4, Beaumont House, Sutton Road, St Albans, Herts AL1 5HH. Your blog sounds very positive, lovely to read! Regards Jenny.


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