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March 2014 our nightmare husband was diagnosed with sclc, he has completed chemotherapy and has 6 sessions of radiotherapy left, side effects kicking in now......I went to see my gp last month has I had had pain in my chest wall (thought it was a pulled muscle) she referred me for a XRay which was showing an infection and something untoward underneath, this then was followed with a CT Scan showing a 5cm mass, a needle biopsy has been done and I'm waiting on results, my husbands oncologist has looked at my scan and is 100% sure it is an operable cancer, a PET scan has been requested and a full lung function test, I know I should be grateful for all the support but I am so very very scared, I've done my cancer (had breast cancer 17 years ago, that was a hard one to deal with) know lung cancer is very very hard to beat, can't believe my husband and I have been struck down with this at the same time, if anyone can give us any positive feedback your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Chatt,

I think the time you are at now,waiting for the details of what your treatment is going to be is the most frightening. My imagination ran riot with what was in store for me.It will not be easy for you both but you can get through this.

I am no expert but I would think as the oncologist says it is operable that is good news.

Wishing you both the best.


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Hi Chatt,

I had mass a little smaller than yours and was operated on and then I had chemo afterwards. It is scary not knowing what is coming next but try and stay strong. I was a young 54 and had part of my left lung removed and surrounding lymphs and although 2 years down the line I am feeling great (if slightly a bit breathless a I am overweight too), I am in good shape and enjoying life and just thankful that I had done what I had to do. It always seems harder for your loved ones. Stay positive, find as much information that you can from the professionals and if you need to contact me I'm always here.

Best wishes


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Hello Chatt,

I was diagnosed with lung cancer and bowel cancer at the same time. This was in December 2011. I was told at the time that both were operable. I underwent the bowel cancer via keyhole surgery and 3 weeks to the day later, my left lung was completely removed. I undertook what was described as adjuvant chemotherapy, but was only able to do 3 out of the 4 sessions. Since then, I have undergone emergency operations for massive internal bleeding which they thought might have been caused by the chemotherapy). I woke up from one of the operations with a stoma, which was reversed 7 months later.

I was diagnosed at the age of 71 yrs and 11 months, but here now at the age of 74 years, feeling quite good, apart from breathlessness and still enjoying life.

So, my advice is, try to stay as positive and strong as possible, even though it is hard at some points.

I wish both you and your husband every good wish and hope the NHS can give you what you require.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Chatt,

Wise words form all three respondents, and I hope that you will take comfort from them. I echo Stewarts comment that operable is good news indeed.

If you would like to speak to someone, please feel free to contact our helpline on 0333 323 7200 option 2 or you can look at our information booklets at

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of Information and Support.


I am struggling big time.....can't eat, can't cancer is in my right lung, don't know if its a primary or secondary due to the breast cancer, could loose my right lung if its a primary, my poor husband is suffering bad side effects after his radiotherapy, can only sip water, our lives are so hard at the moment, can't see anyway forward, having to have a bronoscopy as a lymph slightly lit on scan, don't want to have that either, having awful thoughts to end this nightmare. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING



sorry to hear the last few weeks have been awful for you. Hopefully you will have a clear treatment plan soon and then you know what you are dealing with. It sounds like you could both do with a bit of support just now. There is no good explanation for why this is happening, it is just so unfair for you.

Although surgery might be a scary prospect there are other forum members who have had this treatment, recovered and are coping well.

It sounds like you would benefit from someone to talk to and clear up some of your questions. If you have not yet been put in touch with a clinical nurse specialist we can provide you with a contact. It can be really helpful to have someone listen to your worries and be able to answer some of your questions. Your husband might also benefit from some extra help with eating and the side effects of his treatment.

It is a tough situation to find yourself in and I hope you have family and friends who are able to help you just now.

If we can be of any help please do phone or send a message,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team


Hi Lorraine

Really don't think there are any words that would make this any easier, I can't talk to anyone without breaking down, hubbys ongologist and cancer nurse are very kind to both of us, no one can make this nightmare go away. I have to have a mediastinoscopy on tuesday and if thats ok they'll do the op on thursday, if not chemo and radiotherapy is my only option,my husbands ongologist has said theres only a 20% chance of surviving.....mentally and physically not coping and I hate to type this but I've been looking at sites to end my life, dont want anyone standing over me and watching me suffer and fade away....sorry, I'm in a very dark place at the moment.


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