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Worry wart

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Good Morning All , I started my Eligard ( 6 month )on Dec.9 2021, Zytiga ,(250mg ) Prednisone ( 5 mg) on a low fat breakfast on Feb. 1 2022. My Testosterone is at 9ng/dl . My PSA was at 4.19 on Dec. 2021 . My primary dx was gleason 4+3 downgraded to 3+4 by John Hopkins . I had Sbrt , 5 sessions on 2016 to my prostate. My PSA hovered in the mid 1s for 5 yrs till last Dec , 4.19 . V.A gave me a Pylarify scan and there was 1 hot spot on a pelvic lymph node . i had 3 sessions of SBRT to the lymph-node then 25 sessions if IMRT , tomotherapy to my pelvic area . So from PSA 4.19 on Dec 09 to 2.02, 1.15 , 0.4 , 0.27 , 0.22 , 0.4, 0.27 , 0.22 , 0.04 , and 0.03 as of last week . My question is should my PSA be going down more rapidly ? Is the Zytiga doing its job fast enough ? Thanks Much , SemperFi , JJ

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Hello Reconjj

Sorry to hear you have cancer, and I have placed some links below in the USA that focus on prostate cancer as this forum is for those with lung cancer.






Hope this helps and wish you all the very best.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Sorry , I put this post in the wrong area . im a member of malecare but dont want to rewrite it in our group . I dont know how to transfer it . Thanks

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No worries, you may just need to copy and paste it, if not you could contact the health unlocked admin team.All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

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