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Small cell lung cancer

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Hi everyone,

My dad was diagnosed with 3b SCLC in December, with a small tumour in the lung and 1 lymph node involvement. No mets. He has responded fabulously well to Chemo and radio. Having had his first scan following treatment, his tumour can no longer be seen and his node is now normal size.

Please does anyone have any positive stories for Small cell as it seems all research studies and stats seem to be all on non small cell. I was told yesterday that immunotherapy, should we need further treatment in the future isn’t really beneficial for small cell.

Many thanks

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Hi my brother aged 44 at the time was diagnosed with SCLC with mets to the liver in October 2019 was told 3 months to live without treatment and a maximum of 18 months with. He had 6 rounds of chemo and then radiotherapy which ended February 2020. His cancer is dormant and can no longer be seen on x-ray. He is doing fine apart from extreme temperatures affect his breathing. I lost my husband in 2017 to NSCLC who died within a year of diagnosis. So I didn’t have much hope for my brother but have been overjoyed with his treatment and results. Hope your Dad continues to have fabulous results and stay well x

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JPotter42 in reply to CherylC-J

Sorry to hear of your husband, your brother sounds like he’s doing so well, long may it continue!

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HI JPotter42

Welcome to the forum, and so sorry to hear about your Dad, it is good to hear that he has responded well to his treatment.

I have placed some links below of the ongoing trials for small cell lung cancer that you may be interested in from Cancer Research UK:

and from the NHS 'be part of research':

You can browse all clinical trials through this link from Cancer Research UK:

I have included our booklet on small cell lung cancer, which you or your Dad may have already seen but just in case:

Hope you hear from others on the forum who will support and encourage you.

If there is anything you would like to discuss you can either email us at or call our free phone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

I was diagnosed with SCLC that had spread to various places including bones in Aug 2020, have been on immunotherapy and it seems to be doing me some good according to my scans.

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JPotter42 in reply to Popmacca

Thanks for replying, sound like immunotherapy is working well for you. Keep up the fight, thanks for replying. Take care

Hi. My mother was diagnosed with sclc in May 2016 - had chemo and radiotherapy. No treatment since August 2016, no change during this time, still visible on xrays but seems to be dormant. Alot of the stats out there are outdated. There is always hope when at the beginning it does not seem the case. Keep fighting!

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JPotter42 in reply to AnnW1

This is so good to hear, sound like your mum is a fighter. Amazing stats in itself, thank you!!!

Hi jotter I have small cell lung cancer and had 4 treatment of chemotherapy and 15 days of radiation. With appointment with oncologist she told me she could not see anymore cancer and it was 7cm I've just finished my radiation so just got to find out in July after my next scan how things are I'm feeling positive my oncologist was so surprised with my results. So I'm good at the moment. I'm so pleased your Dad is doing well it is good to hear such positive news. Take care.

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JPotter42 in reply to Sixtygirl

Sounds like your doing amazing! It’s great to hear your good news

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Loimie in reply to Sixtygirl

Hi, your story gives me hope, I’m so frightened, I’m 66 and by accident a 5cm mass was picked up on my lung while they were investigating my diverticulitis. Had PET scan, now bronchoscopy on Monday, they say it’s contained in lung, I’m so scared I won’t be here for my son’s wedding in 6 weeks. Just really want someone to say it will be ok. I cycle every day, so really surprised when this was found, no symptoms, just shoulder pain. I’m thinking of you.

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