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Hard to stay positive

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Well it looks like yet another treatment may be failing. I have just had my 3rd chemo infusion. I was told that the CT scan I had a week or so before showed no change . I had hoped that some of the cancer would have at least been reduced but nothing like that. They are going ahead with the rest of the course and doing another scan on the 21st Dec. What can I say. You would think something would work. I have to live for 10 years at least but all of my options are getting used up. What I need right now is a bit of luck and a bit of a backbone. Oh and some hope That is the most vital ingredient. Thanks for listening.

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Sally, it's hard to stay positive isn't it when something else is chucked at you. I'm the same today, had a routine brain scan for drop foot which was thought to be due to compression of spine caused by my osteoporosis but turns out the lung cancer has spread to small area of brain. I'm in total shock, just coming to terms with lung cancer diagnosis and now this! Don't think I can cope. I'm not sleeping, freezing from the shock of it all. There will be other options for you, and positive ones, and yes we have hope and yes luck. Thinking of you Sally and let us know how you get on. Sending love and best wishes. Pam xxx 🥰

Hi Sally, I'm not going through this, however my wife is and we both cling onto whatever information we can get from the scans, yours sounds similar, we went through the disappointment that there was no reduction in the size of the tumour, however two weeks on we started to review things a bit by bit, Corrine was in no pain, she seemed to be coping better with sickness, was starting to eat again albeit only enough to stop losing weight, then our mind sets changed to accept the fact that the cancer wasn't for the first time getting bigger and we were at last getting some wins which for a stage 4 diagnosis is good news. Keep fighting the fight girl you aren't alone we are all in your corner David Xxx

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